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Gotta love word for word translations; they do absolutely squat for the varied syntax between languages or context in a sentence. I suspect we'd sound just as corny in other languages too, mind you!

And yet, it's still more honest and readable than some of the stuff people who can only speak the one language...


It reads like poetry!


Actually, that's pretty much how my dad got his start here in Canada.

He came over from Germany to learn English for a job in Sweden, since it was a requirement and he only knew a handful of words. He didn't have a resume (as he said, it wouldn't have meant anything to people who had no idea what these places were and couldn't read German anyways) but he did have his own tools (he's a mechanic/millwright), and he managed to persuade the owner of a repair shop to take him on basically for free for two weeks to see his work, and decide if he wanted to keep him on.

He did.

Dad ended up staying in Canada, was a very successful mechanic (since retired), and ended up running his own repair business, which my brother has since taken over.

So this sort of thing can definitely work out! :-)


This was....well....sad. I think the truly sad thing is I have seen even worse resumes handed in at my place of business, including a crumpled up one that was handwritten in pencil.

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