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Legal Minion

I used to get work IDs when I asked people for an ID along with their credit card. I also had people try to use library cards--which don't even have a picture on them. It's like... really? And when you're buying alcohol? I doubt her work ID has her date of birth on it--which is what you NEED to prove her age for the transaction. Kind of scary that someone that dumb is in charge of convicts.


It's not a stupidity thing, it's a superiority thing. She thinks it makes her superior, so she does it.


She is a total bitch but likely doesnt know how to turn off guard mode. I am glad to see you standing up for yourself.

If you wanna go a step further talk to your manager and send recordings of her actions to her boss assuming your store has audio.

NC Tony

Sounds to me like somebody thinks that outside of the jail she still has the power to be a mega bitch. She obviously let the power she has as a prison guard go to her empty head.

The Last Archimedean

What is it about "It is a law that we have to ID customers who are purchasing alcohol" [which it is -- if a store doesn't ID customers and sells alcohol to someone who is underage, lots of bad things happen] that the idiots we have who invade our stores don't understand?


Incidentally, what about federal ID cards? I've got one - a TWIC - and generally federal law overrides state law.



(Most of the fun stuff on that card is hidden in a microchip. Actually printed on it is my picture (at the time w/o beard), my name (with middle initial) and the expiration date. Nothing else. No address, no serial number, no birthdate...)



With no Date of Birth, it is insufficient as proof of age regardless of who issued it.


I like how she keeps using the word 'rude' while being extremely rude.


I don't think she's like that because she's a guard, I think she's a guard because she's like that and it gives her a power trip to lord over other people.


Ah, there's a screw who really deserves to be on the other side of the bars, and probably will be one day... you should have told her to "screw off"! (Thanks folks, I'm here all week...)

Queer Geek

This pisses me off beyond belief! I have a stinkin' degree that means squat in this troubled economy and I work in retail to pay the bills. It's honest, goddamn work. I hate people who use their careers to frown upon hard workin' folk like us to make us feel inferior about it. There is nothing wrong with what we do. It's put food on the table and we pay our taxes. Enough said.

That security guard needs to know for once what it's like to financially struggle and then she has mouth to say something. Other than that, she needs to keep her high falutting' mouth shut or let her ass get shanked by the prisoners!


Yeah that's sadly not an uncommon attitude in law enforcement people.


Wow, really?

After I got my master's degree, I worked for a year in retail while job-hunting.

It was knowing that, in most cases, I was better educated and heading for a job I would love (which I now have, and I do love) that kept me tickled instead of ticked.

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