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Where's the "Would rather watch The Puppy Bowl" person?

The Last Archimedean

Back in the mid and late '80's when every game was a blowout [except the one in '88 between SF and CIN], I was more interested in the Bud Bowl...


I'm technically a Commercial Watcher, though I don't use Twitter or care who directed the commercials...


I'm with Potatohead on that. If for whatever reason I'm somewhere that I have to watch the superbowl it's all about the comercials.


I love love love the Patriots fan. They can all eat a bag of dicks.


I'm technically a "will not attend" person. If in some alternate future my significant other wants to host a superbowl party I would end up being the foodie, or if I were to go with him to one I would be the reluctant significant other.

I'm not even a "rather watch the puppy bowl" person. The puppy bowl sounds.... so incredibly boring the superbowl sounds more interesting. And I'm also the crazy dog person who watches puppy cams while at work. I think I'm immune to puppies.


Puppy Bowl isn't boring, trust me. Cute puppies playing all over a football like field. A camera under a clear glass bowl so you can see them drinking (or sometimes falling in the bowl), kitten half time show, hamster "flown" blimp, and this year they added hedgehog cheerleaders!

Plus all the puppies and kittens are all rescues from shelters and are up for adoption. So it's to promote "Adopt, don't shop."


I'm so with Jami!

I watched the superbowl because my boyfriend and I were the hosts this year, but i recorded the puppy bowl and for the rest of the week i've broken it into sections to make it last and last!

NC Tony

I like what one site said about the Super Bowl. "The Super Bowl is all about watching the two best teams in the NFL battle it out for the Vince Lombardi trophy. Or in this case, since those teams lost, it's the Ravens and 49ers."

I have never been to a Super Bowl party, and have never had the inclination to go to one. People like this are part of the reason why. Not that it matters, I've had to work the last four Super Bowls.


I wait till the next day and watch the only interesting part (the commercials) on the web.

I think NC Tony's 'one site' was Cracked. :) I wasn't working this superbowl, but didn't even know it was on until this (monday) morning...

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