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Bored at the Bookstore

I know you said you don't want any more issues... But if it were I, I would invest in a couple of envelopes and a couple of stamps, and send those "coupons" back with a little note saying,

"Thanks for the short-dated coupons - however, the store listed is FOUR HOURS from my home; therefore, they are completely and totally valueless. They represent an empty promise and yet another example of your uncaring, slipshod attitude, which has obviously rubbed off on your employees. Shame on you."

I would then photocopy the coupons (twice - once for my records) and send a copy of the note, a copy of the coupons, and a quick summary of the original problem directly to corporate headquarters, saying, "This is how your franchisees treat your customers... Are you as disgusted as I am?" Make sure to note on the bottom of your letter to the store owner: "CC: Wendy's Corporate" and the corporate address, so the owner will know you're serious.

The corporate address is:
Wendy's Consumer Relations - United States
Wendy's International, Inc.
One Dave Thomas Blvd.
Dublin, OH 43017

Even if the particular outlet is an independent owner, they are still representing the Wendy's brand - badly. Corporate will want to know. I have had some personal success with this method. It's time-consuming, but satisfying. Kind of an adult way of going, "Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, gonna tell on you!" Just keep everything really calm and business-like - 'cause we've all seen those ranting, swearing idiots at the counter; and we all know what kind of respect they get....

If you just toss the coupons, or say nothing, then the owner gets away with it - and doesn't even have to cough up free food. Ugh. Bad image, there. Sorry.


I wouldn't try to use them at a local location. They probably aren't owned by the same guy so I can't imagine they would honor them - and quite frankly that's a fight I'd rather not have.

So probably do what Bored said. But I would be more inclined to not send the coupons back to the store owner and send them instead to corporate.

Blanket Mouse

It's going to be a judgement call on the part of the store manager/general manager/whatever they call them there, and I'm afraid I don't know Wendy's well enough to guess at how much freedom to make those calls they have. A shift manager probably wont have the authorization to accept them, especially if they're owned by a different franchisee than the one who issued the coupons. Explain that you had a horrible experience while traveling and you don't anticipate being in the area of that Wendy's anytime soon. If you present yourself as a reasonable person and not the Almighty Paying Customer (and you aren't coming off that way to me), the manager will see you as a customer s/he doesn't want to lose. They might be able to offer something, even if they can't honor those coupons.


OP here. I really don't want to cause issues for any of the Wendy's in my area. They've always been okay. I like Bored's suggestion of contacting corporate, but I would definitely temper it. I'm really not out for free stuff. The situation just wasn't cool. I don't even eat fast food anymore (lost 75lbs. and have kept it off for 4 years!) but the ONE time I do I got the above experience. Thanks for the feedback!

NC Tony

I think Bored has the right idea. I do think it's funny that even after (and I had to go back and read the original post to confirm this) you said you were turned off to returning to any Wendy's, they send you coupons for the place you said you never want to go back to. Especially for a location that's four hours away. Dave Thomas would not be pleased.

Slave of Arch

I would do what Bored advised.
I know at the Arches (at least at our location) we'll take those coupons if they're from another owner. However, there's no guarantee every location of every franchise will do that, so I'd still go ahead and complain to corporate.

Bored at the Bookstore

"I like Bored's suggestion of contacting corporate, but I would definitely temper it."

Thanks! I wouldn't ask Corporate to give me freebies... I usually just say, "This is something you, as a company, need to know". If they send me a free item, all well and good. If they don't, that's life. I own a business, and I would want to know if someone got shafted (so to speak) at my shop.


I'm with Bored. It's an extremely eloquent way to let corporate know how their customers are being treated - empty promises and worthless placating measures. They obviously don't care about their customers enough to do something genuine.


Definitely follow Bored's advice except for contacting the store owner. Just go to corporate, they need to know how their franchise is being represented.

Su Chan

I'd say that the owner has done the bare minimum required. Not much grace, but at least they've done something.

Take it to corporate and politely ask for an exchange on vouchers valid in your area. That gets the point across without being bitchy about it.

It's also worthwhile taking them to your local and asking if they will honour them or can help out. Any decent manager would that (even out of their own pocket if need be) as it turns this PR fail into a win.

angel lopez

I think most guest are quite right to a certain extent. Any other guest that is open minded and actually uses a well approuch gets their request taken care of to 100 percent of their satisfaction. I personality dislike the fact that some guest are in for the free food, and to top it off they wanna mix several coupons when the coupons says one per person per visit. Thats one issue everybody encounters. They shouldnt be jerks about it. Instead they should read the coupons so they know how to use it, I mean its comong sense if they remenber something from high school. In any case no wendys shouldnt decline a coupon even if is from another franchise.

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