Retail Hell Underground: Triumph's Passengers Spell Help On Deck

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Is it wrong that this kinda makes me wish they had just sunk the boat? I mean come on they are spelling hlep on the deck as they are being towed into port?!?! Hello people help showed up already! If conditions were as bad as people were going on about how do these 'poor souls' even have the energy to do this? This makes me think people were being whiny bitches to get attention from the media.

Banned Guy

Weird. I look at this and all i can think is: This company is SO sued.


Well, they're going from one shithole to another. Mobile, Alabama is shiiiiiiit.




I refuse to believe their conditions were THAT bad. After all, their boat stayed afloat. It could have been worse. They could have been on the Costa Concordia or Titanic.

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