Retail Hell Underground: Walmart Custy In a Motorized Shoppng Cart Charged With DUI

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Goddammit Florida! And I've been to Brooksville, they have a big cluster of dog shows there every year.


The website Lowering the Bar has a whole category for this sort of thing: "DSUWI (Driving Something Unusual While Intoxicated)".

"Something Unusual" currently translates to: three Zambonis (including the guy in Minnesota from the article), two motorized coolers, a motorized bar stool, a stolen golf cart, a raft, two horses, a motorized wheelchair, and my favorite, a Christmas float.


World's Dumbest had a one-legged man on a lawnmower... guy was so drunk the video started with him at a 45 degree angle, and he just kept tipping farther and farther over, finally fell off and they arrested him.

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