Retail Hell Underground: What A Great Boss Looks Like, In case You've Never Seen One

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If a Costco opens up anywhere near me I am switching over. Though to be fair the warehouse where I work isn't all that bad. They are a lot nicer than most places I have worked.


Wow, the anti-Papa John's. CostCo takes a lot of my money, and this makes me okay with that. Also I used to work for Men's Wearhouse, and though I never met George, the bearded dude in the commercial, some of my coworkers had. No one has a bad word to say about him. Apparently he treated even the lowliest sales associates with total respect.


I've always noticed their employees are really kind and helpful, even when dealing with people who are cranky stupid assholes. It's amazing how treating your employees like people makes so much difference.


I've been thinking about applying to other places, and this is making me think CostCo might be a good idea...

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