Retail Hell Underground: Winners of Walmart

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NC Tony

As Nash is so fond of saying on "What the Fuck is Wrong With You?", there is nothing sexy in the Wal-Mart.

The Last Archimedean

Actually, some of those women looked pretty hot, especially the one wearing the star [at 1:57]. Just because you don't weigh less than 100 pounds doesn't mean you're not sexy.

Must admit the video was funny though.


There is absolutely nothing sexy about going out in public dressed that inappropriately. If it only covers up as much as a swimsuit, it needs to stay on the beach.

Not because of any squeamishness about skin, of course, but I wonder how much trouble it would cause if their boss, their kid's teacher, or their own grandmother, saw any of them dressed like this.


Am I bad that I liked the Mohican-spiked hair with the christmas hats?

Also, YAY, I can comment! For some reason, I've never been able to before.

Bitch Boy

@DeliGirl - I have your back; the spiked santa dude was awesome!


Thanks for ruining my lunch. Do people really go out in public dressed like that?

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