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The Last Archimedean

Now you need to file a complaint with HR *demanding* that all the complaints against PS be put back *immediately* and the person who removed them be fired at once.

The Science Ninja

Erm wow. Definitely complain about that, something is seriously seriously wrong there. They can't just "erase" complaints.

Not Perfect

Hundred bucks says she's sleeping with someone in high places.

Luci F

That's messed up. TLA, Sci Ninja and NP above me are all right.


And this is when no one shows up to the banquet.

NC Tony

Do everything you can to get her fired. Like TLA said, find out who cleared her record and get them fired too. And like DXKramer said, see if you can get as many people as you can to not attend her banquet. The only meal she deserves is a knuckle sandwich.

Normally I wouldn't suggest this, but after reading this, I say, gang up on the bitch. Either drive her to quit or get her fired.


The next time you see her pull that store card bullshit with a customer take them aside and inform them that she just committed credit fraud and they have the right to sue both her personally and the store. Negatively impacting someone's credit score with a fraudulent charge is a crime.

Queer Geek

It's credit card fraud, plain and simple. I would go over your store's heads and let corporate know what's been going down. This could a potential for a customer lawsuit.


Holy. Fucking. Shit. I've known bad sharky employees, but none of them is THIS bad. I'm with everybody else on this: PS is committing credit fraud, and if she doesn't get turned in by another coworker, a customer may wise up and turn her in themselves.
And a special RHU pox on whoever erased her shit in insisting that On Call not get to go to the banquet. Also, I know EXACTLY who On Call is: that was me! Shitty sales and credit scores, but the managers and regular department employees loved me because I always showed up and worked my ass off. She deserves to go to that banquet and be recognized.
It's shit like this that makes me hate retail, way more than lack of holidays and bad customers. It's the crap that higher-ups pull in favor of those who bring in the numbers using shady techniques.

Bitch Boy

If nothing seems to be working, call your local newspaper or television crew. Tell them that a person at your company has been rewarded for not only cheating the customer but also committing credit card fraud and hurting customer credit ratings! Say that HR and management are aware of this and have covered it up so well that the person is getting a banquet as a reward for excellent service.

They WILL jump all over the CHANCE to expose this!

Advice: Make sure that any news agency understands that they MUST protect you as a "confidential" source and that you MUST not be named.


I'd also get the website Consumerist ( consumerist.com ) all over it.

They also know how to do an Executive Email Carpet Bomb. Would you like me to send this story/page to them via link?



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