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Sales Agent Guy

You weren't being a crusty. You were merely pointing out a fact that you should know very well. Seriously, if that woman was doing that with other customers, I doubt she'll be working there longer.

Veteran Bartender

Definitely not a crusty. Also when I worked at a fast food place, I always tried to put things in as combos or whichever the cheapest option was for the customer - better price for them & less buttons to push for me, I thought it was a win-win situation?


You were not a crusty. The difference being: crusties think they know what they're talking about, you actually did know what you were talking about.

She may be intentionally overcharging to make sales look good? I'd make a comment to the manager on the matter, but don't make it seem like you're accusing her. Just say "Oh, well, she made a few mistakes and maybe needs a refresher course on how to run the register."


I'd report her. It very much sounds like she's ripping people off.


That's actually a common tactic used by cashiers to pocket a little extra cash.

I'd guess that the security cameras in that restaurant either don't work or don't exist. If you know that cashiers at that particular chain don't have access to cancel and re-ring a purchase without manager involvement, the manager is probably in on it as well.

I once worked in a franchised business where that happened on almost every purchase; it was called "skimming". Each cashier had a stack of corporate-reimbursed coupons below the counter to ring down almost every type of purchase made, and we were encouraged to ring purchases as higher-priced items outside of current specials, then cancel out and re-ring the purchases as all lower-priced and coupon items once we hit a lull in business. Managers got a large cut of the "change jar" (scam proceeds and legitimate tips) and split the rest up based on various criteria.

I should add - being new to the workforce and misunderstanding the system at the time, I used the coupons to give the customers discounts instead, frequently getting what I believed to be tips from the "change jar", until someone higher up caught on that I wasn't bringing in any extra money and explained the scam to me. I stuck around long enough to get another job and give my two weeks notice.

(I will admit, in retrospect I probably shouldn't have continued working and should have tattled to corporate. Chalk it up to being young and dumb.)


Totally not a crusty. You had every right not to be ripped off, especially when you know how it's supposed to work.

NC Tony

The fact that she looked you in the eye and straight up lied to you is proof enough that something's rotten in Denmark. She probably gets away with it with people who don't know the menu like you do.

Retail Psycho

I've come across stuff like this before and what they do is ring you up at the higher price and once you leave they go back in and change the price to what it should have been and then pocket the change themselves. Might only be a few bucks on an order but take a couple of hundred orders a day and it all adds up


Sounds to me like she was going to pocket the cash afterwards.

Blanket Mouse

I work a Hurl's, and until the register update this Wednesday, we had the "select the item, then choose the combo from the submenu" layout rather than the "select combo size, then item" layout. It's really throwing our people off, because the tech support company went ahead and changed the layout with no warning. So my first thought was that she thought the item doesn't have a combo (anymore?) because when she pushed the button it didn't give her the option to make it a combo like she may have been expecting. I mean, if it's breakfast she got the first shift with the change, so it's possible she just didn't know what was going on. (We've also got a bunch of optional items and combos our franchise doesn't opt-in to and getting people to understand that just because it's there doesn't mean we sell it is it's own special kind of heck.)

Was she telling the nonsense to other people? More than likely.
Was she poorly trained? Possible.
Was she ripping people off? That's possible too. It's like every thief thinks they're so cleaver they can't get caught.
On orders by her manager? I'd believe it. I've had more than one boss encourage us to put in medium or large when the customer didn't specify a size.
Shouldn't she know her register better? Yeah, but like I said, we just got that layout, maybe they just did too and she didn't have a chance to learn it yet.

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