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That first one is terrible serve, except on the part of the hostess and kitchen prep, but the second one sounds like great service considering how tough the job is when you're not yet familiar with it.


It could also be that if the menu rotates daily (and everything you were ordering seems to) and he had recently started his shift he may not have known.

But i can't tell if you were complaining about this guy who sounds like he gave you good service and checked if he didn't have the answer and let you know if there was an issue promptly.

Not Perfect

What's the deal with that comment "I sensed some sharing going on"? I'm struggling to understand the tone of voice that goes with that, but it sounds like a combination of presumptuous and creepy.

NC Tony

It sounds like the newbie (if that's what he was) at least was trying to give you good service, instead of being totally incompetent, and screwing things up left and right.


He was definitely trying and we came late enough that he would have been there several hours. And as we had split the pierogies, he remembered and was able to figure out that we intended to eat each other's ice cream. Like I said, I figured he had to be fairly new at the job given the constant references to his tablet (he was fine with the beers and even recommended one that wasn't too hoppy to me)

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