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You could try doing both, talking to a manager and applying for a new job. Submit an application first, and then talk to your manager. You may be able to get something worked out at your current job, but if not, hopefully you will be able to get in at Cosco. And if you do get something better at your current job, as well as a job offer from Cosco, you can weigh the pros and cons and go with which one is better. My only advice. I haven't worked at Cosco, so I'm not sure about anything there...to be honest, never been in a Cosco either, there isn't one in a reasonable distance from here.

NC Tony

Let us not forget the 3D's of RHU.


Just ignore the coworker who seems to be treated better than you. Don't mention it when you speak with your manager, just leave it out.

Yes, talk to your manager. Ask for more hours. If they say no, ask what, if any, increase in hours they are willing to give.

And yes, for the love of Mike, apply for other jobs! Fast food, if you have to, although Costco has always sounded like a decent employer, so I would definitely apply there.


This same thing happened to me at my last job, so I would definetly both talk with your manager and apply at other places, good luck!


How should I approach her on the subject? Its a little awkward talking to her because I barely see her. I think I've seen the assistant manager more than her and the AM has only been here since January.


"Hi (manager). Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. I have some concern about my hours. The way I understood it, this would be a 40-hour-per-week position, but I am currently only receiving 24. Is this going to be the norm going forward, or is it simply because we have entered the slower period of the year? Can I expect the hours to return to something closer to 40? About when will that be?"

Greenhouse Gal

Exactly what CoG said.

At my retail job, I usually work around 20 hours a week, although it fluctuates. Last year, there was a week where I was only scheduled for 5. I ran into the ASM, and said, "Hey, I've only got 5 hours next week--if there are any shifts that need to be covered, keep me in mind." He then sat down with me and the schedule, worked out some stocking shifts, and boom--I had 25.

Scheduling is tricky. If you haven't/don't say anything, whoever is writing the schedule may just be assuming that you're happy with the hours that you're getting.

Queer Geek

I feel your pain. I was offered full time hours and I'm barely eeking out full time and been with my position longer than some of the newbies. Basically talk to your manager but always keep your options open and keep on applying. The job market is terrible but keep pounding the pavement for something better.


They don't write the schedules themselves. The computer does it. which is worse, because it will give people fucked up schedules. Like a close then open, and the managers don't check it until we bring it to them. or it'll schedule someone for a day/time they aren't available for. I feel like I need something a little more consistent. Going from a 12 hour week to a 40 hour week, to a 20 to whatever. there is almost no consistency in hours and they act like there arent enough hours to go around (there are. they just purposefully under-schedule so that it looks good for corporate and they get better bonus') none of our managers should be managers. they seriously all suck at the job. at least, when they are doing their jobs and not hiding in the managers office... I would like to get out of retail all together, but I don't know what kind of thing I'm cut out for. The only thing I seem to be good at is cashiering, I'm assuming. They probably wouldn't have me on there every shift if I didn't know what I was doing..


If you get a chance to work at a Costco I would go for it. In general they treat their employees pretty well. Better than some union places even.

Mrs. Lovett

Definitely apply for Costco, although definitely try talking to your manager as well. CoG's phrasing is great, so definitely try something like that. If you like where you're working and can get your hours worked out, then you can stick with it, but it never hurts to have options open. The Costco CEO is known for being paid a relatively low salary (I think something like $500,000, which is a lot of money, but not much for a CEO of a large chain) and keeps it low so that the profits stay in the chain to grow the chain and pay his employees. I think employees start out at $11/hr, so pretty awesome for retail. If you know anyone who works there, talk to them about the workings of that particular store to make sure it's run well, but I think it would be a good place to work.

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