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While I'm appalled by most of those groups mentioned, keep in mind that the news story blew up big in the middle of 2012; it's not like they thought "Oh, let's throw some more money to the bigots to piss off the gay lobby". Now, if that's the case for their 2012 contributions, then yes, they were going out of their way to be bigger bigots, instead of incidentally giving more to bigots.


"Its long record of anti lgbt behavior"


A news agency asked a devout christian if he thought gay marriage was okay. He cited the bible and said that he didnt approve. End of story.

Get over something that happened last summer.

DeptStore Diva

The horse is dead, time to stop beating it.

No matter what anybody does, they'll never get a Christian company to turn away from Biblical beliefs and morals, no matter how many boycotts or kiss ins happen, they are not going to change.

If you don't agree with their beliefs or what they do with their profits, then don't eat there, but enough of the self-righteous crap.


So some of the groups Chick-fil-A aren't pro-gay. Yes, we get it, they are religious organizations that follow the guidelines of their founding principles. Stance on LGBT rights is important, but it's _far_ from the only consideration. What _else_ do those charities do? Take a look, they do a lot of good. Enough to outweigh having their own option and stance as is their right under US law? That's for you to decide.


Honestly, the anti gays are fast dying out, and gay marriage is slowly but surely being legalized in more states. I'd say in a generation or two gay marriage will be the norm in most of America, and we'll look at anti gay marriage people like we look at racists right now.


Seriously what's with this oh that hatred and intolerance is so last year bullshit? That's almost as bad as thinking someone else will will fix it.

@Canann No that doesn't ballance out. Nice fallacy though. That's like saying that as long as I do x amount of charity work I get to do x amount of hateful acts. Nope the one does not ammeliorate the other.

Damn Yankee

Canann, I like that logic. How many charitable contributions and volunteer hours will balance out a murder? I have a few coworkers that need to... disappear.

DeptStore Diva

Disagreeing with something doesn't make it a hateful act. Everybody has a right to believe what they want, that doesn't mean that everybody in the world has to agree and participate, and doesn't mean those who don't agree are hateful.

I don't agree with 300 pound women wearing spandex. I don't agree that dressing hoochie is sexy. I don't agree that people driving Escalades need food stamps. Does that mean I hate them? No it means I don't agree. However when it comes to LGBT anybody who doesn't agree is automatically labeled a hater and a homophobe. IMO, it's really heterophobia the way I've seen the issue presented and the behavior from the LGBT side.


DeptStore Diva - those examples are incomparable to discriminating against gay people and actively trying to deny them their rights.

Chick-fil-A is still on my shit list. Thankfully I have found the Christian Left - people who are REAL Christians. You know, people who actually try to follow the teachings of Jesus? I am becoming more and more convinced that the conservative evangelicals are not real Christians.


@DeptStore Diva You can not accurately compare people making choices with people who are born with a different sexuality. Using your logic we can then decide that women shouldn't have rights, because it's not hateful it's just an oppinion.


What charities does walmart give to you? What about each and everyone of the brands that you buy...Johnson and Johnson, etc. Don't know?

As far as you know they could be giving to "anti-gay" groups as well. I'd be more worried about where your tax dollars are going then who is giving what to charity. Get over it.

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