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Chris Brown is a dick? Hold on, let me go find my shock face....


To play Devil's Advocate here, there are a couple of other details I've heard about the story that aren't presented here. First, his rant was supposedly because he had only been charged $5 previously at the location. Second, he got his keys and left only after his bodyguard paid the fee himself. Whether or not this is true is another matter, but that was the story as had been reported from other outlets.

That being said, Chris Brown is a damn fool that doesn't deserve to be around decent hard working folk to begin with.


Anyone really surprised by this?

NC Tony

I second what framer said, Chris Brown being a dick is no longer shocking, it's almost expected. Hopefully he'll piss the wrong person off and get his ass kicked. If we're really lucky, he'll do something really stupid that permanently damages his career to the point where he'll be the answer to a trivia question in five years.


Looking at the article on E! Apparently Chris is just an idiot.
-Showed up with two vehicles - his and his entourage. So $5 each
-Wanted VIP parking and offered to pay $100 to the valets
-Valets turned down the $100 saying it was just $5 per car.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but if Chris went to the stand and said he needed X car and X car brought up shouldn't have he expected to hear that he'd have to pay $10? 5+5 is still 10 in my head.


i think we should all stop paying him any attention at all. we should have stopped when news broke that he beat rihanna.

Banned Guy

If we stop paying him any attention, he will probably start beating people up left and right. Instead, we should do the opposite: Hire a muscular guy to pay attention to him 24/7, so whenever he does something like this the guy will give him a slap in the face and tell him to stop acting like a dick.

Jason Thorn

Wow. I guess Rihanna's going to "walk into a door" again soon...


Don't forget falling down the stairs and slipping in the shower Jason.

Why hasn't anyone kicked this guy down a flight of stairs yet?

The Last Archimedean

Sandman, I'd like to see him "retired" via bazooka.

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