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That last part is the best. I always wonder why people do stuff like that. If she had her license, why on earth didn't she just show it to you? Once I had a table of 4 young navy guys, still in uniform, and they ordered beers. No problem, I ask for ID's, three of them hand over their military cards, and one gives me his expired drivers license. The thing is, expired drivers licenses are perfectly fine, as long as you show them with your military ID. When I asked for his military ID he got all irate because "I'm in the military! My expired driver's license is still fine!" Luckily his buddies just rolled their eyes, smacked him on the head, and told him to show me his military ID, which was sitting on the table anyway. When I came back with the drinks he apologized for being a dumbass. Some people just like to push your buttons and be difficult.

NC Tony

That always confuses me. Why do people buy things like booze and cigarettes and NOT have their ID on them. Most places have signs (either on the door or at the registers) that specifically state they check ID for any purchases of alcohol and tobacco products. It's like that EVERYWHERE, most people have to drive to get to the store. You mean to tell me you got into your car without your driver's license? Hell, even if you took public transportation, you don't have a legal state issued identification card?

I especially love (hate) the people that claim that they're afraid someone is going to steal their identity. Frankly if I was gonna steal someone's ID, I'd pick someone rich, not some entitled asshole customer.


Hey! I have to put on a southern accent too! I'm from New England but I go to school in Virginia. I put on a southern accent if I need help from a local shop or when I volunteer in the local school district.


Wait, the SHORT cigarettes are King-sized? That's like Starbucks calling their shortest drink a "Tall". And you have to do an accent? That's hilarious and sad at the same time!


most regular cigarettes are called just "Kings"
It's more a type than representing size. The 100's are the long ones. Here, from http://www.hbiinternational.com/news.php?n_id=54:

At first, most cigarettes were either 70mm or 78mm long without a filter. However in the 1950’s filtered cigarettes began to take over. Consumers were concerned that by purchasing a filtered cigarette they were getting less tobacco as the filter took up some of the cigarette’s space that used to be filled with tobacco. Thus large tobacco companies responded to this by increasing the length of cigarettes to accommodate the filter. Cigarette size increased from 70mm or 78mm to a new 84mm size. This new size became known as “King Size”, named after the King of England who was seen publicly smoking this new cigarette. Over the next several decades the shorter cigarettes saw their market share shrink dramatically until they were all but replaced by the new 84mm “King Size”.


eh, disregard that first line, I was going from different information and didn't delete it. sorry


I just don't normally have a southern accent. For some reason, I sound like I'm from the north. We don't know why, but I've had so many customers ask me if I'm from so many different places, and I've had so many customers think I'm condescending them because of my accent that I just made one up. It's not an accent from anywhere, but it sounds southern, so most people just take it and go.

When I get extremely pissed or frustrated, I just lose my fake accent and go back to my real one.


I've learned many things from this post and it's corresponding comments today! :D


I just *love* when someone who looks about 20 gets pissed when I ask for ID. Our company policy requires us to ask if you look under FORTY. I've had 18-20 year olds get downright bitchy when I ask for ID.


At the club store I work for we will take a check, but the name on the check, the driver license and the club card (I work for a warehouse club) all have to match.

I hate taking checks because at lest once a day someone will not have all 3 items matching. They will be using their mom's club card but does not seem to understand that because they are using her card they can not pay with their own check. Or they are using their own club card, but want to use someone else's check, they will tell me, "Oh I'm getting these items for my friend that is her check. She told me to just use her check to buy these things." Hello, does that even work in a regular grocery store?

And as always they throw a huge tantrum when they are told no. Ugh.


I absolutely detest these grown vagina pirates who get pissy at me because im doing my job and asking for ID.
not my fault you wanna buy age-restricted product, asshole! you wanna buy it, you'd better cough up your ID.

oh and then i have a whole other group of people that get mad that i can't take their check. once again, not my fault! my company decided to reduce the amount of check fraud they see by not taking checks at the gas station.


Personally, I'm from the North, but when I moved to Kentucky I picked up the accent VERY easily. As of about a month ago, I'm actively trying to re-train myself to speak at least without the Southern accent (hopefully I'll go back to my good ol' Wisconsin accent, but even losing the rampant KY one will do). When I get excited or angry, though, the Southern one really rears its head.

Trying to learn all the words to "Raise This Barn" by singing along with it every day (Applejack has a very thick Texas-ish accent) is really setting me back, though. =\


I was born in the South, and raised in the barely south... but I've got a northern style accent. My mom's all southern Kentucky/Tennessee style, but my dad has a New York/Florida hybrid. My sister is a chameleon, getting more or less southern depending on who she's talking to.

Also...I never get mad when someone asks for my ID. That's the whole damn point is to make sure you are who you say you are...duh!

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