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I always wonder if shows like The Biggest Loser have affected people's attitudes about personal trainers. In that show, the trainers are also part therapists and life coaches. Any trainers here noticed any difference? Do people treat you like you should have all the answers to all their problems?


I worked with a trainer for about 6 months, and I never thought about any of these. I went in understanding my basic muscle groups, and my questions were primarily about techniques and weight-loss strategies. The idea of imposing upon his personal life just never occurred to me. It's a job, we're customers. Should they wish to also be friends, they'll make the first move (pretty sure an Alpha personality is required for the job).


That's fucking bizarre. On par with presuming a personal relationship with the maintenance guy. But what do I know...


This reminds me of a time when a friend and I joined a small gym. The owner signed us up and explained that we would get 2 seperate 1 hour sessions with a personal trainer to teach us how to properly use the equipment. Then he asked us if we wanted a male or female trainer. My friend and I had no idea why it would matter and asked for whoever was best at showing newbies the ropes. The owner looked shocked as hell and after a few minutes decided to show us himself.

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