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Sales Agent Guy

What. The. Fuck.

Seriously, you don't go into a business and beg the workers for money... unless you're trying to get arrested of course, since I've heard some homeless people prefer jail to being out on the streets.

NC Tony

What the everloving fuck? Who does that? Just randomly goes into a business and starts demanding money, and then when that (surprisingly) doesn't work, threatens to get the employees fired.

Just... wow.

That story made my head hurt.

Queer Geek

It sounds like you're business is in the middle of public area where the homeless can access themselves inside. I would politely tell the gentleman that there is no panhandling allowed and threaten to call the police to remove the gentleman from the premises.


I had a guy come up to my car one night after work and try to get several hundred dollars from me to get a flight to Vegas. I only had around 20 bucks to get food to last a week. But I felt nice that night (surprising considering it was 11:30 at night, and many of my custies were kind of sucky), so I gave him a couple of bucks. The jerk then had the nerve to complain and say that five dollars would at least get him breakfast in the morning. I so wanted to say, "2 dollars can get you a donut and a coffee at the station that I just busted my ass at to get that money I just gave you." But I bit my tongue and said that I just have too many expenses to take care of (it's true, I have to replace all of the rims on my car) and rolled my window up. People just don't seem to understand that they need to be grateful for what they are able to get. And the dude in your story is just an asshat.


Dude, if you're hitting up employees of random businesses, you don't need another beer: you need an intervention.


Ilia, you mean like the people who buy the giant packs of water bottles on food stamps, then dump the water and return the bottles to use the money for the cheapest beer they can find? and yes. a reporter caught some guys doing it on his cell phone, and I know a crusty that does it. not as much anymore, but he's sometimes my first customer of the day and all he buys is beer.

I really wish I could deny people who I just think are drunk, because I can't always smell alcohol on them. (sometimes its something much worse)


Cashierbitch, that makes me very glad my station doesn't sell booze. Also makes me glad that you don't pay a deposit on water bottles/non-carbonated drinks in my state. And very happy that if we ever do start selling alcohol, we are allowed to deny sales to anyone we think is drunk.


At the mere mention of the guy asking me to give him money from the cash register, I would have told him to haul ass cause I'd be calling the cops. That could be taken as attempted robbery, I think.


I just say no to people who are panhandling flat out and unadorned. There is no reason I should have to make excuses for not giving money away. If I feel like helping someone out I will give them food or something else tangible.


Sometimes you can just smell the crazy/stupid coming off people.....


I was sitting at my mechanic's waiting for my car to be ready... some goob came in and asked him questions about this car, and that car, and then "do you have any cars you'll give me for free?" Both of us just stared at him for a moment, then I started laughing and my mechanic told him that this was a business, and things aren't given away, especially not 1,000$ and up things.

The goober actually tried to argue.

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