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You're right, ma'am. The correct response to the store not taking your coupon is to threaten to shoot them. It's a good thing I'm not your judge, because along with other things, I'd force you to shop with a chaperone from now on... someone who will hold your hand like a toddler to prevent you from throwing tantrums that will cause bodily harm to others.

Creepy Kiki

Am I the only one jaded enough to think that in a week's time, we'll see a news story about how Walmart fired that poor manager?


I think the chaperone should be armed with a tranquilizer gun.


and this is why crazy people shouldn't have guns. it could have gone a whole hell of a lot worse. we had an officer shot and killed by an unstable woman because he pulled her over.

The Last Archimedean

Hopefully she gets about 10 years in prison and the sentence gets *highly* publicized, thus discouraging any other lunatic couponer from pulling a similar stunt.

NC Tony

You're a better person than I am CoG. I'd prevent her from going out shopping ever again... after she got out of jail.


I wonder if she could be charged with armed robbery as well...I mean she DID pull a gun on them over them not giving her a monetary incentive.

Squid Vicious

Oh brilliant. I'm incredibly pleased I don't live in the US, and that my country has no 2nd Amendment, allowing a ridiculous proliferation of guns to completely unsuitable people.
I feel sorry for all retail slaves who read this, I'd bet that for some of them it's going to come to mind next time they deal with a mental crusty and make dealing with them that much harder.


@Tony - I had considered that, but I thought a chaperone would be more humiliating ;)


Well.....that escalated quickly. If that had happened here in SC, they wouldn't have attempted to pry her out of the car. She would have died of lead poisoning.


Obviously one of the responsible gun owners the NRA loves to tell us about.

The Last Archimedean

Dan, guns don't kill people, crazy people like this loser do.


Sadly enough, I don't find this story shocking.

TLA: That wasn't what Dan was saying. I'm definitely inclined to assume most people aren't responsible gun owners until proven otherwise because I've run into too many idiots and angry, entitled assholes like this woman.

The Last Archimedean

Chica, I have a medal from the NRA for my skills with a rifle. I was a responsible gun owner, until I decided not to have guns in the house when my then-wife and I decided we wanted to have kids.

Actually, my mind was made up after Columbine that I wasn't going to keep my guns. I just didn't get around to actually getting them out of the house until a few years later. One of those things you keep putting off, saying "I'll do it next week"... and then once I realized a child was going to be in the house, that got me off my duff about it.

And I was mocking the NRA motto. I've become disenchanted with them.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-gun. I'm just anti-NRA, as anyone who is seriously interested in responsible gun ownership should be. The NRA represents gun manufacturers, not gun owners, and will gladly work against the rights of the latter to watch out for the financial interests of the former.



Like Dan, I'm not anti-gun. I actually want to learn to shoot myself. I don't like the NRA though.
I didn't mean you specifically weren't a responsible gun owner, I just meant I don't tend to be all that trusting of anyone with guns because I've had bad experiences.


Also, I get the joke now.

And I feel I should clarify. What I meant by 'anyone with guns' wasn't anyone who owns guns, but rather any person with handling a gun regardless of whether they own one or not. Compare it to who would you feel safe letting drive your car. If I know the person and they're responsible I wouldn't suddenly think different if I found out they owned a gun, but a random stranger...no I wouldn't give them the benefit of the doubt that they're a responsible gun owner.

Banned Guy

If there was any, ANY justice in this world, this bitch would have her gun and her computer taken away, would be banned for life of every single walmart in the face of earth and would be forced to wear some sort of gadget that would give her a powerful shock everytime she tried to use a coupon. That after paying stuck in jail for her whole sentence, without any hope of parole or leaving early for good behavior.


That's... my hometown. Sigh. A few years back, an Employee at walmart got off their shift, then went and tried to rob the gas station. He was shot and killed. Love my town. Really. I do. Sigh.


Pwahaha, and I just found out that the officer who arrested her was a friend of the family. I love small towns that get famous for during stupid stuff..

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