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The Last Archimedean

I'm not sure why we're only allowed to feel like this on the first of the month... there are plenty of other days where it can get overwhelming.

Anyway, between this site and my friends I've managed to stay sane so far :)


This past week at work there have been 1 to 2 call offs each day. It's a very fitting description!


I don't know about work but the first three days while quitting cigarettes were pretty much the second picture.


I totally agree; I work in a wholesale club and the first of the month is the busiest time of the month.


i concur with perky. i work in a grocery store and the first half of the month is ALWAYS busy with people buying food with EBT and senior day(which is the first wednesday of every month). some months though, are busy the WHOLE month(november and december, just to name a couple).

then, depending on which day of the week and what time of the day it is, the front end manager can give headaches to us all as well.

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