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The Last Archimedean

I would say nothing and just enjoy the extra food, personally.


Damned if you do, damned if you don't.


Am I the only one who's never counted my McNuggets when I get them there?

Jason Thorn

I've gotten an extra one a few times and idly wondred what was going on. Apparently it's due to a practice of common courtesy.

Much as I appreciate it, courtesy should not be so rare that it deserves a reward. I'd rather no extra food reward if everyone was civil to others, personally.


@Expendable: Exactly. I currently work for a small manufacturing company, and the owner has handed down an edict that even if we do make excess parts (say, 11 when the order was only for 10) we do NOT ship those excess parts. Ever. Apparently they wasted more time on the phone reassuring customers that "it's just an excess part, and no, you weren't charged for it, consider it a freebie," than it was worth.


I've had cheese added to my Whopper when I've been nice before. I'm allergic to cheese. Sigh.


I went into a McD's late at night once when the clown before me had been ranting and raving over some perceived slight... I asked for a 10 piece nugget and fries, and the guy said 'we don't have any nuggets ready, it'll be about five minutes' and actually flinched as if I was going to smack him. "That's cool, I'm not in a hurry. I'll sit over there, wave at me when they're ready," paid for my stuff and went and sat down. They bagged it up, I thanked them and left, and when I got home found that they'd crammed the box FULL, 24 chicken mcnads in the box, apparently just because I was nice to him.

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