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The Last Archimedean

That's why subcontracting out the job is a bad idea... if that had been an actual Greyhound bus they would have had it on the schedule and made sure the terminal was open [I presume]. With subcontractors you really have to ensure proper coordination, or stuff like this inevitably happens.


Honestly it should be illegal all around for this sort of thing to happen. It's just a matter of time before someone dies because of shit like this.


Since moving to 'Bloomington' from NNY, I've noticed that a sweatshirt and 'jacket' (I'm assuming to be about as heavy as the sweatshirt or northplace fleece) is general 'winter wear' around here. Yes, the terminal should have been opened (or at least let them stay on the bus), but use some common sense! It's winter, it's windy in the midwest, buy an actual frakin' winter coat!!

Greenhouse Gal

I had a sort-of similar experience once. I was going to see my sister, and took the bus (can't remember if it was Greyhound or a local carrier). I got dropped off in a small-ish town where my sis was supposed to be waiting.

The bus station was closed, and my sister wasn't there.

The bus driver asked if someone was supposed to be meeting me--I said yes (had no idea where my sister was, and this was before cell phones were common). He apologized, told me not to tell anyone, then let me into the vestibule to wait. Turns out my 8-months pregnant sister had to run to a gas station to pee, and showed up five minutes later.

It wasn't cold, but it was dark, and bus stations are notoriously in not-so-great parts of town. I was *really* grateful to that bus driver.

This wasn't a layover, but it could have been (my sister drove an hour to keep me from having to catch the connecting bus to her even smaller town, because it was hella expensive). If I had had to wait out in the cold for an hour, I'd be *pissed*.


I'm with Hardwarenutz here. It is just plain common sense to have clothing in case of emergency to suit the weather. What is the bus broke down?


Well I agree, if you've lived up north your entire life keeping a coat with you for emergencies should be part of your common sense. Unfortunately it is not part of my common sense because I live in Florida and I'm not likely to freeze to death if I break down, so I'm liable to just not even think of something like that (like I totally did before you guys pointed it out). Seriously you guys, I could never move up north. I'd just die instantly because I have no snow sense.

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