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The Last Archimedean

So they're *designed* to flicker?

That sounds like a seizure waiting to happen. Flickering lights are a known trigger.


TLA, most of the time, if a light triggers a seizure, it is usually something along the lines of a strobe. The slower flickering of these lights is more like that of a candle. Also, strobes and flashing lights only trigger seizures in some people. I've been dealing with epilepsy for 8 1/2 years and still don't know all of my triggers.


I want to see fuckering lights.


I'm with photoslave on this one. It's usually strobe lighting, or in my case, quick flashes of bright light.



Flickering lights are pretty common, especially Christmas lights. Not sure if that's what these are, but either way they don't look bright enough to trigger a seizure. And, as photoslave mentioned, that doesn't happen in everyone.

Fuckering lights, however, I'm not sure about...I guess it depends on how prudish the particular epileptic person is. ;-)

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