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Your aunt needs to get a damned clue. The evidence was right there, staring her right in the face, and she just brushes it off?

Ah well, they say ignorance is bliss.


at least she tipped.. I can't be too mad at her simply because she is more naive then outright batshit stupid. Yes it is annoying but sometimes people just won't leave that bubble of innocence

but then I used to be one of those people, thankfully my bubble burst a long time ago...


I had an aunt who was the same way. The thing is I did smack her upside the head NCIS-DiNozzo-style. It was awesome! :D

And I told her to actually listen to what I had said about people being sick and not being able to afford to take one day off, due to the fact that most of the places out there will not pay you any sick leave. So you come to work sick and get yelled and berated at for showing up sick etc.

My aunt did not speak to me for about a month, and my parents were shocked that I even did that much less to my aunt.

However there is a good thing that did happen after I did that. My aunt actually started going to every single store and watching the people working there and actually talked to some of them, as a reconfirmation of what I said.

And she took us all out to dinner one night as a thank you for opening up her eyes onto what was going on. And lo and behold there was a very sick slave working. She went up the the manager and ripped him a new one for having an employee that was so sick that she could not stand up, come to work because they don't pay for sick days and most likely that employee was worried about losing her job and money. She went on for about 15 mins I swear!

Needless to say the slave got 2 days off work WITH pay! and the manager started right then and there a new rule that employees now got 8 sick days a year with pay!

This was at a restaurant, not family or corporate owned.

My aunt is now fighting for employees instead of yelling at them.


Yarg. The Aunt strikes again. While I'm glad she left a tip, she needs to get a clue.
What really kills me is the food service industry, specifically chefs. Every food-handlers test EVER has stated specifically that one should not work if one has so much as a cold, yet line chefs are in deep shit if they stay home when they get the flu, sick days be damned.

NC Tony

Your Aunt needs to get hit NCIS-DiNozzo style with a clue by four. Repeatedly.


Around my house we always called it the Gibbs-bop. Fun movie with Mark Hamil(sp?) the guy who plays Gibbs is "Summer School", it should be on Netflix. I'm guessing your aunt hasn't worked in retail. She sounds like someone who would benefit from a year working a register somewhere.


One of the reasons I have stayed with the company I am at for so many years is that they have paid sick leave and they do not get upset when you use it. In fact we have sent people home when they have showed up sick. Where I work a cashier will get in more trouble for showing up sick than calling out sick.


Skittles: Mark Harmon. Mark Hamill is Luke Skywalker and the Joker. :)

The Last Archimedean

If memory serves, Mark Harmon played Ted Bundy in "The Deliberate Stranger"... remember watching it [in 2 parts] when I was a young'un...

The Dormouse

I have family members like that. They have worked in civil service from age 16 to retirement, so they do not know what minimum-wage slaves are going through. I have chronic migraines and, when I had to work through them back in my slave days, they were all like: "But why don't you take a sick day?" and acting all surprised when I said I didn't have any.

I also work in government now, but I was hired at age 29. Prior to that, I worked 11 years at TicketGangster's call center, which is an evil combination of retail and call center hell. Minimum wage, no sick days, no insurance. I think that decade spent in hell helps me be a more compassionate civil servant. I work for the workman's compensation agency, so when I talk to an injured/sick worker I know what they are going through.


Where I worked I think you start earning sick days after a year or two.. I'm not sure but I did not have any.. You'd just call in and, well.. not get paid.. On close days I sometimes didn't care as much as I said I did about overtime.. finish at 2am or 3am, well, I will still be tired but at least I get an extra hour's pay. We would often walk really slowly back to the staff room to clock out just to get a full hour.


Thanks it's been a long couple of days. Just thought I'd point out the movie for fans, since Mark Harmon plays such a different role in it.


Meowmeow. :)


Argh- been there. I sprained my ankle one summer and tried to work at my hostess job in a waling cast, but discovered that standing still on it hurt too much. They wouldn't let me sit down at the host stand because it might "look bad" to the custys, so I was taken off the schedule until I was healed (enough to work a little, at least. I actually had to go back to the doctor because the injury couldn't fully heal while I was on it so much, and I was getting shooting pains in the ankle at the end of each shift. Joy.). I had to take a loan from my boyfriend to pay rent that month. Hate hate hate that steakhouse I worked at.


(sp) *walking cast

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