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I am so sorry you went through all that. I would have probably lost my temper and done something reckless after just a quarter of the incidents you've described.
I'm amazed you made it through all that as long as you did. If I ever meet Cow or someone like her I don't care who she is I just might punch her.

Poetry Otter

Wow, sorry you had to go through that... Two years!! Amazing!! I was elated when I could use Uni as an excuse to quit my cinema job. That guy who hit you with the broom.. what the heck!??? How was that even OK with the managers? Tssskk


i needed to keep a part-time job while getting my BSEE, and i knew my parents were footing most of my bill. i felt so guilty even ASKING my mother if it was OK to quit (without having a job lined up), but i just could not take it any more. i was absolutely miserable. i cried tears of joy while writing my 'two week notice' slip.

that place was the worst; often kept well after close to clean when other employees were sent home 'early', owner watched cameras from home and would call if someone was 'caught' standing still for a moment, shift managers was skimming off the top of the safe, harassed when i asked to leave early sick one day (puked in the toilet at work, was visibly swaying while trying to stand, and the owner still made ME call the other employees to work the rest of my shift), and often harassed in general by the owner's bratty two kids and bitch of a wife...which all got their meals for free. (my parents own 3 bars in my hometown, and they never once asked for their shit for free...it screws up the tills like WHOA.)

you shouldn't have had to deal with that. that's all garbage. but, you'll appreciate your level-headed attitude and bullshit filter when you venture out into a job that really appreciates your skills and work ethic. i know i do.

though my favorite is when i spot that custard shop owner around town, who has since been charged with tax evasion and went bankrupt.


Deer Lord, I'm glad you quit but I wish you had done it sooner!


*hugs* I'm so glad you're out of there, that sounds awful! Even the junk I'm putting up with at the big blue box store pales compared to it.

NC Tony

I know I would have been fired a long time ago if I had to put up with any of that, because I know my short temper would have gotten the better of me, and I would have either cursed/punched someone out (probably both "Fuck you!" *POW!*). I'm glad you're out of there though, and I sincerely hope The Mighty Thrognar and Karma are gearing up big time to pay all of them back (or already has) in spades!


Wow, I hope that place crashes and burns with their fly infested pizzas. No one deserves to be treated like that. I'm glad you got out. Hopefully your next job will treat you much better, and now you have us to share advice and wisdom so if any problems arise you can document, document, document and nip it in the bud before any undue stress is laid upon you.


Theres all sorts of law breaking there.

Seriously, shoulda snuck a tape recorder under your shirt or the like and spoken to a lawyer, probably would have got the lot of them fired.


If this place is still in business, and still has the same management (even some of the same management), you need to make an anonymous report to the Health Department. In addition to being a waste of good air the rest of us could be breathing, they're putting people's health at risk.

Seriously. Report them.


In this case the best revenge you could get is to move on with your life. It sounds like you will do well, and those idiots will be stuck and screwing themselves over for a long time.

A. Person

Isn't half of this report sexual harassment, and therefore illegal?

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