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It's kind of appropriate for to have posted that this week. Earlier this week my hubby was fired. It was so stupid. My husband worked for a small 5 man company that did computer services for doctor/dental offices. My husband's job was to use a software program that allowed remote access to the computers in all their client's offices to fix any problems that they may happen.

It is a pretty good software, but it has it's limitations--and it can not fix all problems. Well one of their clients called and reported a problem and the boss said, "Oh we can get the working in no time." So he told my hubby to fix it. Well an hour latter my hubby was still working on it, but due to the limitations of the software he could not get to the problem and suggested going out and making a service call to the doctor's office. Well that wasn't good enough for the boss, and the boss made a suggestion on how to use the remote access to fix the problem and my husband told him that the software could not do that.

The boss replied, "Well if you are going to be lazy and not do your job you can just get the hell out of my company. Get out now. And don't bother trying unemployment cause I'll deny the claim and say you were fired for incompetence and not doing your job."

So were pretty much screwed right now. I do not make enough to cover the bills all by myself. I'm looking for some part time work in the evenings, and my hubby is looking for a job too. He applied for unemployment but we haven't heard anything yet. He has never applied before--he has never been fired, ever. So we don't know how long it takes.

I applied for EBT, and I asked for an expedited case due to loss of income, but it was denied because we have not loss all income. Even though I only make $150 a week, that is too much money for an expedited case or emergency food stamps. It will be 6 to 8 weeks before we can get help, hopefully my husband will be working by then.


Well let's see, 2008 and at the height of the recession, I was fired from Target for not handing out enough credit cards. I guess "No thank you" was Custy speak for "pin me down and beat me till I take it."

I was fired from an education supply store for not staying in a dark, unsafe parking lot, alone, for over an hour opening boxes while the rest of the employees talked and laughed inside.

Former Grocery Slave

I was fired from a credit card company doing data entry because I needed a week off to go get married. They said "oh yeah no problem" and the first day off - the day before my wedding - I got a call saying I was being fired for "attendance issues".

Hellbound Alleee

When I was fired from Taco Bell in 1985, the manager told me, "You're just not fast-food material." *Sob*


Don't cry HA...that just means you're meant for something better :)


I was fired from a fast food joint for doing an open door with the district manager against the store manager. SM just took me off the schedule, but when other managers said that wasn't legal, she tried putting me back on. I just never returned and had gotten a better job.

I was also fired for being pregnant from a big box store (tried saying I was absent for too long, when I was in fact in the hospital after passing out at work - I had just turned in my FMLA or whatever it is, but it hadn't been "approved yet") I won unemployment on that.

NC Tony

I've been fired a few times:

Waldenbooks: I had been working in the satellite location that sold only calendars. When we closed that down they moved me (and the other employees) back to the bookstore, then fired us when they claimed they had "too many employees and not enough hours". A year later they closed down.

Starbucks: Because I wasn't, and I quote "Up to Starbucks standards".

Macaroni Grill: Due to a misunderstanding with the schedule, I thought I had the day off, instead of explaining things to me the asshole manager (who I'm pretty sure hated me) just fired me.

Target: Fired after being quite possibly the sickest I've ever been in a long time. I called in every day (except one when I forgot I was supposed to work), and after getting back to work, I was fired before I could clock in.

Those are just the few that I can remember off the top of my head.


I got fired from a newly opened restaurant that I worked in last year, after only THREE weeks. I had moved city for this job, and signed a rental lease on a flat FOUR days before this happened.

The restaurant had only been open six weeks, and for some reason the owner decided to sell the majority share of it to someone else. So I (and everyone else I worked with) got sat down in a room and told that we were all fired.


I was fired from AMC because a) I didn't smile enough and b) whenever the manager cancelled my shift I would act like I was okay with it. How the hell else was I supposed to act about a canceled shift? Did he want me to argue with him about it? He was the third manager I had while I was working there and he hated me. The first two were awesome but they moved to other theaters. A couple months after he fired me, someone keyed his car and he asked my friend if it was me. Asshole.

I was fired from Macy's when I went back to school because they said they didn't have any part-time positions, which was a lie because they had already started hiring for Christmas. They just didn't like me because I never opened any credit. If a customer said no to me, I wouldn't harass them about it. I'm glad I left though because the stupid customers and even stupider managers were driving me to a mental breakdown.


I haven't been fired, but there's one job I quit because of a bitchy manager who pretty much told me to leave school before my classes even end just so that I could get to work on time instead of being late for 5 minutes tops (I wasn't even in highschool yet, mind you.)

Additionally, even if I was on time, no-one could really get any work done (it was telemarketing company and the evening shift started at 1615 or 1630, which less than surprisingly is a time when most people can't or won't answer their private phones because they are driving, or too exhausted from work to be interested in talking with an obvious telemarketer), I suspect she simply loved being able to bully others.


I've never been fired either. First job was at a bagel shop and only lasted 4 days cause they had me lifting pans and boxes that were prolly 1/4 my weight and one of the workers was a real creepazoid. Second job I quit after a few months, due yet again to a major creepazoid. Third job I quit cause it was a seasonal position. Fourth job I quit because I was moving out of town. Fifth Job I quit just last year cause I was sick of the bullshit and the fact that I hadn't been given a raise in over 4 years even though I was a office assistant and I only made about $0.40 over min wage when I left. Sixth job was just a temp position that was finished after a month.

Red Rider

I've never been fired, but I have a friend who was fired from Target for not being "fast, fun, and friendly" (Target's employee code thing)enough. A customer came in around holiday time looking for ornament hangers, and my friend who was Jewish and had never heard of them, didn't realize they sold them and suggested she just use paperclips instead. A manager found out and he was fired.


I've never been fired but I had a friend almost get fired; she quit before the owner was able to fire her. The shop we worked in was long and skinny and we could have the front door open or the back door open but not both. Somehow (one day), we had a carbon monoxide leak and my friend opened both doors and called 911. The owner showed up in the middle of this and yelled at her. She quit that day and within the next week had a job elsewhere. Her new store asked what happened and hired her on the spot after hearing the story.


I got fired from a Wendy's when I was a teenager. The married closing manager made a pass at me, which I refused. 3 weeks later, I went in to look at the schedule and saw that I wasn't on it. I asked the assistant manager who was there at the time what was up. He said "I was supposed to fire you but I'm tired of doing the manager's dirty work, so I didn't tell you." Turns out creepy horndog closer said my job performance was not adequate. I wish I had reported the jerk.
A few years later, I found out all the management had been fired for sexual harrassment reasons. Karma's a bitch.

Headset Hellion

I was fired for not doing something that my manager specifically told me not to do. Yeahhh...my unemployment claim was approved immediately.

The Last Archimedean

I've never been fired but I have had the business I was working for shut down [leaving me jobless] 3 times. Once it was a small company and the owner died unexpectedly, once it was a restaurant that went broke, and during the 2008 recesion the company closed half its branches including the one in the town where I lived.

The Singing Library Clerk

I was fired from a college bookstore after the semester was over because I did a job they never trained me to do wrong. They put me with a girl who was suppose to help me who yelled at me every single time I asked her how I was suppose to do something. I was on book buyback and my drawer came up short at the end of the day.

We all suspect they did that on purpose just because they needed an excuse to cut staff since there wasn't as many students around for the summer.

NC Tony

I forgot one.

The now defunct KB Toys: I only lasted 3 weeks at that job, and out of those three weeks I worked a total of... 9 days.

Three days a week for three weeks.

Why did I get fired you ask?

Because I missed a mandatory meeting that was announced on one of my days off. No notices were posted, and no one told me, and at the time I didn't have a phone or a car.


I was "fired" (forced quit) from my job at a grocery store after needing emergency time off because my sons father was beating us and we had to hit a shelter before we could get our stuff from his apartment and move to my parents. I'd worked there for 3 years, had maybe 5 call outs, maybe.

and yes, I'd been on Maternity leave in August to October, but when I came back I worked all the Holidays, ALL of them. I missed most of my sons first Holidays to 'make up' for being on maternity leave before. And during the following spring I needed a week to get an RO, pack and move all my stuff with cops standing by and arrange some form of childcare since biodad was no longer an option.

After my emergency leave my manager changed my hours... I went from getting 30-38hours a week to 12, and 9.. a few 3 hour shifts were scheduled, and others were letting me take their hours.

I won the unemployment and went back to school.


I was fired from my first job. One of my responsibilities was putting demo apps on iPads and shipping them overnight to clients. My bosses got in the habit of coming to me 10, 15 minutes before the end of the day and demanding that I get it shipped out. Which was really annoying because it takes all of those minutes to get the damn thing compiled, tested, packed up and walked out to the drop off, which was 6 or 6:30 that evening. Well FedEx changed the drop of time of our box to 4:30 at the beginning of the year, so when they came to me 5 minutes before quitting time and demanded I ship one out I was like sorry, the pick up time has passed. Then the president of the company (small company) comes at quitting time and asks me to do it, he'll take it to a FedEx place himself. I told him no and I went home, shaking and crying.

Two weeks later they fired me, end of day on Friday, after making me train my replacement for a week without telling me that's what it was, and they cited this incident as the "last straw". Which was fine. Totally fine. I have a litany of complaints against them as well, the least of which being that I had to scavenge and save all the packing that came whenever we got a package because they didn't provide packing material. I didn't get a raise, even after working there for over a year. When we moved offices they got us "custom" desks (read: used desks hacked up to fit) and the installer was not only late but cut himself and BLED ALL OVER THE DESKS. One of the executives then demanded that *I* - but not anybody else standing around - set up my station on BLOODY DESKS and start working. They only gave 6 paid time off days a year (sick or vacation, no distinction), which is just pitifully little for the kind of job it is. Oh and they didn't encrypt any of their passwords. And all the clients could see the passwords of all their customers. Yeah.

But it's fine. It's totally fine. I was just biding my time until my lease was up in a few months to quit - whether I had another job lined up or not. I was oddly happy to be fired. I broke my lease, moved back in with my parents and now I have a better job, making a whopping $10,000 MORE than I made there (more now that I've gotten a raise), and paying less than $100 more a month for my own 3 bedroom house than I was paying in rent for a 1 bedroom apartment, doing work I enjoy much more at a job with much better benefits.

Being fired turned out to be one of the best things that has ever happened to me.


I've never truly been fired.
I did work for AMC for about 4 weeks in college, and then when I decided I couldn't take it I just called up and told them "I'm not coming in tonight, I quit."
Yes, I know, I'm a terrible, awful person...at least I called. At The Baby Store a lot of our seasonal employees just disappeared off the face of the Earth after a couple days working there.

However, two months later they mailed me paperwork saying that I was considered to have been terminated rather than quit voluntarily because I didn't give notice. So basically it was the work equivalent of "You didn't dump me, I dumped you!"


I was fired from my first helpdesk job after five years. Ostensibly because of repeated 'security violations'. The violation? I'd left a desk drawer (for which I did not have a key and was not supplied one after several requests) unlocked. The contents of the drawer? A bag of potato chips. That was the only thing in there.

The real reason was that I'd been there 'too long', they didn't want to give me a raise that I'd been owed for a couple of years, and a previous cow-orker who had been promoted decided she didn't like me for some reason. Never did tell me why, but repeatedly complained to other cow-orkers about me. Never anything specific, never brought up to me, and I was fired over the phone and the things in my desk would be mailed to me. (Eventually. Two months later, smashed to shit. An antique Chinese cinnamonstone cup with tigers carved on it, half an inch thick was broken into pieces. Yay UPS...)

Apparently having ninjaed past the three card-locked doors and all the security cameras, my having a unsecured bag of potato chips was the security leak that would have brought down IBM.

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