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LMAO. Deer Lord... Good for SB, that's exactly what he should have done. Stupid bitch. That's why you gotta survey the situation and get proper intelligence before flying off the handle. I am such a sensible jealous clingy type.


Had that happen, plus a threat of bodily harm by an ex boyfriend's then gf over calling him hun on Facebook >.< I might want to add that he was several states away, hadn't seen each other in years and had remained friends despite the break up. Wanna guess who he still talks to?

Women like that kill me. They give the rest of us a bad name, but they are so easy to wind up into mega crazy bitch mode.


1. I will never understand why some women get like that. Rayven's right- they give the rest of us a terrible reputation when they don't see that we're not all out to steal their BFs.

2. Also, it's lovely that you helped out your mom AND treated her to dinner. You've got a good heart :-)

Mrs. Lovett

Personally I always took it as kind of a compliment when a girl flirts with a guy I'm dating. And he's more than welcome to be friendly right back. I'd rather date a guy who has female friends or at least knows how to be friendly with women because those are the guys who usually understand women better and see them as more than just sexual objects. Jealous girls like that will probably never be happy, and the men they're with know that they will never be trusted.

The Last Archimedean

Karebear, you have a good heart, and I'm very happy you were able to help out your mom.

And you have a very smart stepbrother, dumping crazy bitch right away when she revealed her nature. I had to help my [late] cousin get away from a woman like that once, that was no fun.

Glad all worked out well.

Bored at the Bookstore

I shall always honor my mother's wise comment about Dad looking at beautiful women (and vice-versa)... She said she'd know when to hammer the lid down on his casket - if he stopped looking, he'd be dead.

"It's okay to look; but he'd better not touch!"

Queer Geek

Good thing SB broke up with the girl. He would be in a world of hurt if this psychobitch is extremely jealous.


Maybe your SB is Lucky that this stupids Tussi character was revealed so fast

NC Tony

I'm sure someday she'll find a doormat she can be happy with. I'm thankful I've never dated any girls like that.

Sadie The Cleaning Lady

I've never really been jealous of girls flirting with my boyfriend, except one. In my defence though, she asked if he was still with me, then asked why, and finally proceed to tell him why he should find a room with her at the party we were at.
I do, however, seem to have a serious issue with men flirting with him, probably because they do it even while I have my arm around him...


Ugh, stage 5 clingers. It's always nice when they find each other and become one of those disgustingly cute couples who share a toothbrush and Facebook account, but dealing with them can become quite tiresome.


I think that kind of goes both ways. On the one hand she over reacted, on the other hand her boyfriend did just walk up to a girl she knows nothing about hugs her and kisses her on the cheek and proceeds to have a conversation. Seems like the whole thing could have been avoided with an introduction before the conversation started.


Did this crazy bitch actually believe her boyfriend would flirt with another girl in front of her? Damn, get some info, weirdo. Guys like that are not worth knowing, but find out first if he's an asshole before you go off on him. Because otherwise, you end up looking like the psycho. And your future dinner plans will be "party of one".

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