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I'm certainly not saying the guy was in any way okay, but sexism? Really? Nothing he said sounded sexist to me.

Mrs. Lovett

Great story, and awesome employee to calmly help you after being yelled at.

But I have to agree with Skittles. This guy may well have been a sexist, but nothing in your story indicates that he was. He may have been frustrated with the female employees because they weren't giving in to his demands and asked for help from the male employee because he was a new face and a new person to try and scam, not because of their sexes. It's important to call out sexism (and racism and other forms of discrimination) when you see it, but it's dangerous to assign it to a situation simply because the people involved were of two different sexes or two different races or two different religions because it tends to diminish the impact when a real discriminatory act occurs.

TL;DR. Sorry about the rant. Good story otherwise!

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