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How much you want to bet that someone who actually works at McDonald's doesn't earn enough to buy that toy for their kid anyway? :-P

NC Tony

"Get your child ready for a life of menial labor now!"


does this include any bat shit crazy, milkshake throwing high pitched entitled custys?

Queer Geek

Now let's get the other kids on this playdate to pretend to be hellish customers and attack the child behind the McDonald's counter.


I think this could be valuable. Assuming their parents don't sneer it out of them, kids might be learning to respect restaurant work and restaurant workers. Plenty of time for them to learn the other shit later.

Joe the Cigar Guy

Not as depressing as the mini Housekeeping trolley with a little Hispanic girl on the package.

Book Baby

Does anyone notice that the girls feet are gone in the left photo?

NC Tony

I didn't before but I do now. I guess that's to teach them that management will cut their legs out from under them when it's time to throw them under the bus and blame them for everything that's going wrong in the store.


It must be the new training station. Since slowly but surely the majority of middleclass labor jobs have been moved to other countries where Corporations can pay less than slave labor costs. They might as well get the rest of the people ready for the only jobs that will be available.


When my kids were little they saw something like this in a toy story and were like "Mommy lets get this..." and I was like, "We'll see. Maybe Santa will bring it to you for Christmas." Then I put it back on the shelf and mentally refused to buy anything like that. I had enough hellish memories from working at McDonald's as a teenager to ever want that shit in my house.


I used to have a little play shopping cart with a play cash register with change and paper bills. Even had the fake little food and fake little counter. I don't see how this toy is any different. I wouldn't buy it though, not because it's McDonald's or anything, but because I have literally no where to put it in our house. Bought the baby a fake little kitchen for her birthday that has taken up the size of my living room just about.

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