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The Last Archimedean

"I'm not lost, occifer, jus' drunk."

Jenny Villalobos


This is a link to the news article associated with this picture. Interesting story! Most fascinating part is that people continued to shop even after seeing the car and the police warned that the driver had a gun.


I feel like I would totally be a gawker just because I'm curious like that, but I would probably retreat to behind an aisle or something, not continue shopping.

I am impressed he waited for the automatic doors to open and then managed to not knock over any merchandise. I wonder if whoever had to drive the car out of there managed the same. (I'm assuming they wouldn't bring a tow truck into the store to tow it.)

Queer Geek

A police shootout in Walmart and suspect driving through a store during a sale on toilet seat covers?

Ain't nobody got time for that!

NC Tony

Now that I know the story, I had to send it over to my friend Nash for his webcast "What the Fuck is Wrong With You?".

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