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So glad this twit doesn't own the two I just applied to up here. And its not like Five Guys is that expensive anyways.

Mrs. Lovett

At least he's raising prices and not threatening to put the burden on his employees by cutting hours or firing people. I gotta give him kudos for that.


That is true. Honestly though you would think by now that business owners would learn just to make changes like this and simply going on about their day. Part of me thinks they pull this side of the stunt to try and get the public to turn against "Obamacare" rather than pay a few cents to a couple bucks more for what they want.

The Last Archimedean

The next business owner who whines about Obamacare should be forced to work exactly 29 hours per week in a retail job for a year. They'll suddenly understand the need for giving employees 30+ hours per week, AND thyey'll STFU about Obamacare being bad.


If they passed out blood pressure medication with every order of fries they'd probably save everyone some money on healthcare!

And, yeah, why are business owner still announcing the changes they'll make to pay for Obamacare. I mean what business has that ended well for?

Damn Yankee

The business I worked for raised its prices recently. They didn't call it an Obamacare surcharge--just a reflection of the rising cost of commodities, especially wheat. The only reason to say why you're raising prices is to create a stink.

NC Tony

It's like these people think that by blaming Obamacare for raising prices or cutting employees hours is suddenly going to make people who support Obamacare change their minds, when all it's really going to do is make people look at them and say "What an asshole", and avoid their business. If you're going to raise your prices or cut employees hours because you're opposed to Obamacare, just do it and don't tell the media, then get upset when the public calls you a jackass. Negative publicity is not better than no publicity at all. Just ask Applebee's.

The Last Archimedean

Tony, you'll notice that the spokesperson for Five Guys is trying to distance themselves from this arsehole... "He *does not represent Five Guys* on this or any other subject matter." They saw what happened to Applebes's and the hit Chick-Fil-A suffered when Dan Cathy made an ignorant, discriminatory statement and they do NOT want to be tarred with that brush.

I think, slowly, some corporations are getting the message. The public is fed up with the fat cats, wants the 99% to be treated better and the 1% to give up some of their wealth and privileges, and you can't come out publicly and say you're going to screw the little guy over. You also can't be against equal rights these days. If you want to increase prices, because of whatever reason, just do it, but don't say it's because of Obamacare. People wouldn't have paid any attention to the price increase if jerkface had just kept his big mouth shut.


Anyone else getting tired of random pieces of shit whining that suddenly they have to actually treat their employees halfway decently, then making it into some huge political message? I suggest whoever does this next be pied in the face seriously it's more attention than they deserve, and more respect than their stance deserves. Obamacare got passed during his first term it's not like this is unexpected.

Larry Berry

Do you know how many times I've seen prices raise at various places. Many many times. A big mac costs a lot more than it used to. Yet they didn't announce that they had to raise prices or why. You're right. The only reason to make an announcement of it is to cause a stink, but ends up making them look stinky. And how about when places like papa johns say they will need to raise prices by less than ten cents per pizza and blame Obamacare, then give away a million free pizzas and have deals for pizzas for less than $10? So they claim they will need to charge ten cents more, then take $5 off? Somethings not right there. And if it really did mean that they would have to raise prices, then everyone will, so it's just the free market at work.


Good, they should raise the prices, then. If they can't afford to cover the wages and benefits of their employees, then they clearly aren't charging enough. And, it's probably only going to amount to something like 5 or 10 cents a burger increase to make up the difference. Shouldn't make a big difference to the customers' bottom line, and insurance will make a huge difference to the employees.


I guess this is the craptacular part of being in business with franchises. If the company proper decides to make a decision you don't agree with, then you can either do it or walk away from your store. But it goes the other way, too. Some franchise owner will make a nasty remark or offer some promo, or refuse to offer a promo (like that french Subway), and the company rushes to say "That's HIS opinion, not ours". You climb into bed together, you're stuck.
And frankly, I agree with the others. Raise your prices to cover the cost, rather than cutting employee hours. I'll gladly pay 5 cents more per burger. I'll chalk it up to cost of doing business. No problem. But then spewing some bile about how it's because of health care costs? NO. Now you look like a dick, and I'm liable to walk away. I have not been into a Wendy's since they hopped on this bandwagon, and it's kind of sad, as I ate there often.


Hmm, pay an extra dollar for my meal or sit there chewing my cheap burger with the knowledge that it was prepped and served up by wage slaves with no access to medical care. Decisions, decisions...

Fuck him! I want people to have healthcare.

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