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holy fucking shit!

i am in love with the change gun! i soooo need that shit for all the douchebags i encounter that want 5 bucks on pump whatever and toss me a benji.

reminds me of this asshole i had the other day who wanted 15 on a pump and gave me a benji. i had just made a safe drop so i had the till minimum of 300 in it. the guy threw a fit becasue i gave him like 3 fives to make up the 85 bucks in change. i was all like WTF?

Sales Agent Guy

I need the change gun myself. I hate it when someone buys something that doesn't even reach double digits of dollars, and pays with a $100 bill!


They sort of have that scanner thing in NY. Not quite as good, but the customers scan their items with this handheld thing as they shop. When they are done, the cashier takes the scanner and scans a special barcode to complete their order. No more scanning for the worker! Also, the little scanner gun tells the shopper how much their total will be as they shop so they can know if they can cover what they have! Love that thing...

The Last Archimedean

Tony, you forgot the asshole tax. Any time a crusty is arguing with a clerk and uses the phrase "the customer is always right", a $100.00 asshole tax is added to their bill, or they are forever banned from the store [crusty's choice].

That may have been on one of your earlier lists. I didn't go back and check them. If not, add it to the list.


Nats, crusties and all Kind of Slave demons should go to a bootcamp to learn proper Shopping and behaviour and if they do something it will Minus their Food or cellphone Time and an Internet Site will be create where The names are announced and The stupidity will be described

Poetry Otter

There are handheld scanners in some shops here. Sadly one of them I could not use as you need a member card.


That scanner definitely exists. In the library at the university where I did my Master's, you stacked your books in a special area and the scanner would read the spines automatically, and then you held your student ID card in the same little field and it would put those books on your account. I don't know why they don't use it for tills as it can't be that expensive... my lab was using computers that ran Windows 98 so they weren't exactly throwing money around.


Re:'any way you swipe it'



We need an "any way you swipe it" in general. There are times when I can't figure out the picture so I can scan my card. Though that tends to happen more with gas pumps than at department/grocery stores.


Regarding the "Any way you swipe it" - I give you, the Visa Paywave, and its (slightly) earlier counterpart, the MasterCard PayPass: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visa_Inc.#payWave

Any time I get one of these cards in drive-thru, you bet your ass I use it. Don't get me wrong, I know damn well which way to swipe a card, but damn if that thing isn't just that much quicker and easier. Unfortunately, I hear that it's easier for identity thieves to steal your info from them, so I'll most likely not get one myself, but I entertained the thought before I found this out.

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