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Ah, I see. You're the poor behind-the-scenes sap who makes the place run smoothly, but never gets any of the credit. Then you leave and everything goes to shit, and no one can figure out why. Aren't those jobs lovely? :P

The Last Archimedean

Go ahaead and share your stories!

And I assume you told boss man that the lazy doof needs to be fired immediately for dereliction of duty.


Actually, this story really is written quite well, and is interesting. The only thing needed is more of a conclusion: what happened to the lazy doof? Any punishment? Did you get any kudos on getting the work done? What happened?

Slave of Arch

Sorry if I missed something, but what kind of a store do you work in?
(Not necessarily brand/name, but like department store, big box store, arts/crafts, hardware store, etc)


I have some friends who make a very respectable living doing nothing but hardwiring places that need it. They'll design, run the cables, set in the drop boxes, the whole thing. We live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, so there's a lot of those kinds of things available, but if you have the skills, you might consider starting a side business.


I work in what we call a "Gourmet Market". Produce, Deli, full kitchen, on site made pastries.

Bossman knew what a lazy doofus IT was. He's just now thinking about replacing him. He was an independent contractor.


What all do you actually do as part of this gig?


I check in all the trucks tat show up at 5am. Then I have to organize all the stock that goes straight out on the floor. Then the leftover stock that goes to our kitchen, deli, and pastry dept has to be hand stocked onto the reefer/freezer shelves. Then I have to put away any packaging that comes in, and resupply all the departments. I also do the ordering of the supplies.

However, at any time, I can be interrupted to go fix something on the floor. Any type of repair really; plumbing, electrical, mechanical.

I also have a small truck drivers license, so I can be sent out to pick up equipment or stock. I have been sent out on an 12 hour trip to pick up equipment before. More frequently I get sent out to our vendors to pick up things that they forgot to order.


"Well the old wifi hub was hardwired, and 5 feet away from the counter, why didn't you just use that?" seems a reasonable question... If the wifi hub sitting there was hardwired, why could you have not just run an extension from its cable?


@Moniker I feel your pain I've had to work plenty of ridiculous long shifts, including a 32 hour one. Though at least I got 8 hours out of that 32 to sleep.


Don't feel bad Moniker. We had an IT guy here at my job that did nothing but "program", ie watching nime and hentai movies. Everytime we needed him for something he was too buys "programming" to help. I clapped when they finally fired him.

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