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Wow that is pretty fucking low I hope she does some jail time.

Cherry IScream

Anyone else see the irony of shopping at a Christian bookstore with stolen funds?


120 girls in the troop!!! Oh My Gosh! The most I have ever had in my service unit was about 24 girls in a troop. One of my new leaders who just moved here from Texas said she has a "big" troop back in Texas. I asked how many and she said "58" and I was surprised. But 120, wow.
As for the troop treasure stealing, I'm not surprised. I had a troop leader who did this. It wasn't that much, it was around a $1,000. But still it is a low down dirty rotten thing to do. Our council is really starting to crack down on things like this, finally.

We use to have to do a fiance report only twice a year. But now we have to do them 3 times a year and we have to print out a bank statement for each month. And if there is anything on those bank statements that see at all fishy--like a dating service--they will ask for a receipt and an explanation. Council will audit them and if they do not have receipts or at least a very, very good reason they will be held responsible and have to pay back the troop.

And woe is you if you do not turn in your fiance report and do not keep your receipts. When I train new leaders I am very, very clear about this. I go over how to fill out the reports, I write down when they are due, and if the service unit has money I will supply them with an according folder so they can start with something to organized their fiances with. And I explain to them what will happen if they do not turn in the reports and I give them all phone numbers and e-mail address for all the team members who can help them with the fiance reports. (really it is not that hard.)

And at least once a year I will have a leader who does not turn in their report, I will call them, e-mail them to let them know they need to do it NOW! But they ignore it and then a week or two latter I have them on my phone panicking because Council has pulled them for an audit. Then they get all mad at me because there isn't anything I can do once they go to audit.

NC Tony

Do people not realize that in this day and age, they will get caught? Especially if you so something low like steal from the Girl Scouts? Like Skittles, I hope this bitch does some serious jail time for this, and is forced to pay the ten grand back.


@NC Tony:

A while ago, someone stole about £500 from my Troop account (forged my signature on the cheque; made it out to Cash, even though we had a No Cash rule on the account). OK, it was about 25 years ago, but really - £500, form an account that, at the time, held about £10,000!

Anyway, he got caught, prosecuted, found guilty (to his great surprise, but no-one else's), and was sentenced to 18 months in Prison. But then, he was told he would also have to pay back all the money.

His response was priceless. "What, I have to pay it back? But I'm going to Prison. Isn't that, like, double jeopardy or something. I mean, it should be one or the other, but both??! That's GOT to be cruel and unusual punishment!".

Do not ask me how ... this guy now works on a trading desk in the City of London ...

Jason Thorn

Real Christians would never steal from kids, doesn't matter what we buy--buying stuff from a Christian bookstore doesn't sanctify stolen funds.

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