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It's not the intelligence of the kids that's in question, but the intelligence of the parents. Case and point - "unthinking tots" shouldn't be given chocolate covered toys period. Whether or not a two year old can see the plastic seem doesn't matter - toddlers stick clearly inedible objects in their mouths all the time.

The product will only last until some dumb fool lets their 2-3 year old have one of these and the poor kid chokes to death on a piece of the toy or tears up their esophagus with splintered plastic eggshell. Que the outrage and lawsuits, then say bye-bye to choco treasure in America.


Am I the only one remembering the Wonder Ball from the '90s? Those seemed pretty popular and had stickers inside them - still not technically toys, but could be pretty unpleasant if some idiot kid tried to eat the whole thing in one bite (not to mention the semi-hard candy inside of it). I say "tried to eat" it because those things were huge - you'd have to have an enormous mouth to try to eat that thing in one go.


I remember them. The originals used to have toy figurines. They discontinued selling the originals because (surprise!) kids were choking to death on the toys. They resurrected the product 3 years later with all candy filling inside.


It's crappy toys inside mediocre chocolate. Boo hoo.


I used to buy one Wonder Ball a month with part of my allowance as a special treat. I was so sad to see them go, especially since I knew better than to try and swallow the thing whole.


Your a stupid parent if you don't supervise your kiddos while eating one. Or at least teach them to get the prize out before eating the candy.


I'm wondering if the chocolate is any good - Kinder Eggs are super yummy, I get tons whenever I'm abroad (and have been sent/brought them from Canada, the UK, Norway, Germany, Italy... oops). I wish there were a "common sense" law in place that said something like "if you're a total idiot you're not allowed to sue", but oh well...


Thing is, it's not the same as a Kinder Egg. Which is really good chocolate. I'm with Heavy P...it looks like crap.
But yea, candy like that shouldn't even be given to toddlers.


Meh if the kid chokes to death from eating a toy then maybe that kid wasn't meant to make it to adulthood.


If the kids in the world outside of the US can figure out how a toy-filled chocolate egg works, what does this say about kids IN the US?

Queer Geek

Personally I'm not a fan of chocolate eggs with some weird cream filling inside.


I wonder if this is why they took the Treasure Pops off the market... these were a kind of lollipop with a large plastic handle, and the candy sealed it shut. Once you'd eaten the candy part off enough, you could open the plastic handle and there would be a cute little figurine inside (I loved the Pokemon ones). Doesn't really make sense for a PLASTIC HANDLE to be banned just because of a candy and a toy, especially when those cardboard sticks for dumdum pops etc. are still allowed, but who knows?


I remember the Wonder Ball! I got them a few times when they still had little toys inside. They were great. I was starting to feel like the only person who remembered them. xD

This version seems a little depressing. Just a thin layer of chocolate that would probably melt to the shell during shipping in the Florida heat. Pales in comparison to the Wonder Ball or Kinder Surprise. But I guess if kids and parents here are too stupid to be trusted, they don't deserve nice things.


@Queer Geek I like to pretend they are angel testes.

Queen of the Supermarket

Seeing and Kinder Surprises have existed in many other countries for all eternity, and it is very rare for a child to be both stupid enough and have a mouth big enough to make the toy an issue. I know Down Under we have laughed at the concept being illegal in the US.

The Last Archimedean

The problem is all the lawyers we have in this country have made us as a society lawsuit-happy and led to all sorts of dumb rules to protect people form their own stupidity, Queen.

I read somewhere that Japan has 10 scientists for every lawyer. In the US there are 10 lawyers for every scientist.


America: the only country in the world where Kinder Surprises are "unsafe" but just about anybody can get a semi-assault weapon. Go figure :P

Michelle C

Seriously, these are banned in the US? Are parents really that stupid? It took ONE time for my kids to get a KinderSurprise and discover there's a toy in it before they started smashing them open to get the toy before eating the chocolate. They were 2 and 3 at the time. They're now 20 and 21, and have grown up on them - never choked on them either.

BTW, do most Americans realize that you actually have to put the toys together, and the average size of a piece is about a pencil-top eraser? We're not talking about golf ball sized toys. Holy Hockey pucks. lol


"I'm not saying kill the stupid people. I'm just saying let's remove all the warning labels and let the problem sort itself out."

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