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Retail Jockey

Quit! Don't go in to work and just quit! There are so many other places that will take you on without lying to you. Trust me, if my past work history (which is the whos who of human crap) has taught me anything it's that if they screw you when you first start they'll just keep doing it, over and over.

NC Tony

I'm with Retail Jockey on this. This all sounds very shady, two people saw your hair, confirmed your non-availability for Sunday, and then you're told to change your hair and work Sundays. Find somewhere else, because it sounds like they're trying to get rid of you before you even start. If they're willing to pull shit like this this early in the game, no telling what they're going to do further down the road. Just because they can fuck you over, doesn't mean you have to let them.

Former Retail Person

You can also check into the dress code at work. I no longer work retail, but I did. My current company does specify that dyed hair must be a "natural" colour, so pink and purple won't work. But if your hair is naturally a vivid red, I don't think they can make you dye it... of course, after reading about all the things that Hellmart has done to its employees, you may want to start looking again right away.


I agree with everyone else, sounds really shady! I wouldn't take the job, and if they ask why, simply say "I was told my hair and not working Sundays was fine by two people, and now it's a deal breaker".

The Singing Library Clerk

Now I don't know why you can't work Sundays, however if it's for religious reasons they cannot make you work then. It would be considered discrimination and you'd have the right to sue them. No business can make you work on your religion's Sabbath.

And seeing some of the hair colors I've seen at WalMart they need to STFU about your hair. I sincerely doubt jet black with yellow streaks is "natural."

Queer Geek

RUN! DO NOT PASS GO! RUN FOR THE NEAREST EXIT! Hell-Mart wants to get rid of you! Cut your losses before they give them the chance to fire you!


The problem is that I am mid move. The only reason we can afford the place is because I got this job.

I quit, me and the three people I live with are fucked.

My hair is not natural, but it was dyed as part of my therapy. I suffer from depression. The red made me happy about myself and happier in general. My long term boyfriend is getting me a wig so I don't have to dye it.

My Sundays were part of my anger management. Along with being the only day I dragged myself out of the house and socialized. I do something called larping. I basically spend the whole day hitting people with foam swords. It helps release a lot of built up stress.


It's not religious discrimination to force you to work Sundays if it's done by a private sector business.

If you have in writing that you were not to work Sundays from your hiring process you may have some small recourse (business operating in bad faith - wouldn't be worth your time to try to fight it) but unfortunately if the business is regularly open on Sundays they can pretty much require you to be there as a condition of your employment.

So sorry, at this point it's pretty much take it or leave it, you don't have much you can do about it.


Okay-my advice considering the circumstances: Smile sweetly, polity talk to HR. Have statement from Therapist on therapists letter head in hand briefly explaining the red hair and inability to work Sundays. Bend over backwards, do what they tell you.

In the meantime- Start visiting the unemployment office (or as my state now calls it, the employment office) to help with your job search. Find out if you are able to collect unemployment from hell mart should they choose to spit you out like yesterday's newspaper.

Right now be proactive in finding new work. There are employers out there who are understanding. My local hell mart has employees with bright pink hair, orange hair, who wear khaki jeggings instead of khaki pants.

They are fucking with you and if they fire you don't take it as an insult. Been there, done that. Hell mart by far was my worst employer and being fired from hell was the best thing to ever happen to me.

So my advice-be proactive. Go to HR with letter from therapist explaining the hair and Sunday issue. Smile and kiss their ass while thinking fucking assholes, come here to vent. Work very, very hard at finding a new job quickly. Good luck!

Damn Yankee

This is Hellmart. They'll take you for every inch you're worth, and then a little more. I see that you desperately need the job, though. You can either give in to their demands, give up your hair (I understand the red making you happy!) and LARPing, or you can quit. There's really no middle ground with Hellmart.

And frankly, I wouldn't tell them it's LARPing. Let them think you're a churchgoer and their ass is on the line for religious discrimination. Or hell, for all they know, "ritual combat" is a part of your faith!


Even when they thought it was church, they said they'd schedule me immediately after.

I just got my wig. For all work purposes, I am now a long haired brunette.

And thank you all. I will definitely try to find another job. It was hell just getting here. I quit my last one in October, and I was unemployed for five months. (I wish there was a sister blog for food service hell. I have a load of stories for that.)


The wig idea is a really cool compromise. I applaud you for that one. I understand that you need this job a lot, so I say keep it for the time being, but pro-actively look for other work in the meantime. Find yourself someplace that will accept you for who you are. Hellmart sounds like an abusive boyfriend to me. And you should totally post about food service hell here! I have some of those as well that I've been meaning to post. :D Be well, little LARPer.


Hell yeah dagorhir/belegarth/amptgard fighting :D WOO.

My religion is attending my norse church every sunday, where if we die in battle, our souls go to Valhalla and we can drink all day and fight all night.

I go to church every sunday. (Woo logic)

Red and Khaki Redhead

Huzzah for Dagorhir! I'm really excited to meet fellow foam fighters here of all places (ironic since I just got home from practice, too)! Dag really does wonders for helping me to keep my sanity. :-) Unfortunately, Bullseye and I didn't see eye to eye on that, so I wound up not going to practice for over a year. I was lucky to get time off to go to a few local camp outs and Battle for the Ring (the largest battle in my state), plus get over a week off to fly to PA for Ragnarok. Hang in there, kiddo. Try looking for a receptionist job if at all possible, the hours are more regular (Monday through Friday 9-5) or if you have to stay in retail I hear Costco has reasonable hours. Stay at Hellmart as long as you can stand to while you look, it's easier to get a job while you already have one.




They told you about the hair thing before you signed, right? If not, then you've got something you can work with, but it you knew that was a requirement of the job and signed anyway... well, that was voluntary.


Are there any temp agencies in your area? You can do pretty well with the right agency. Try Kelly Services, they're everywhere. The office in my city always treated me very well and I got lots of work over the years through them. Temp jobs can lead to permanent jobs, too, aside from getting you all kinds of good experience to put on a CV. Something to consider, anyway.


No, they did not tell me about the hair before I signed.
I looked for temp agencies. Never found any.
Costco is all the way in St. Louis. I crashed my car, so that won't be happening any time soon. :/
I sent in a long post filled with food service bullshit last night.

We play a new thing called Wandering Ronin. Same thing as amptgard pretty much. It's a work in progress. If I could get a receptionist job I'd be damn happy.


Sadly, this sounds like standard Wal-Mart bullshit.
I've heard stories like yours before.

I agree, tell them to go fuck themselves especially if this is your first job. You can do better.


Sorry, just read the comments and see that this isn't your first job and you really can't just leave until you have another. My bad
Hopefully you'll find something else about be out of there soon, though.


Yeah buckle down and be sure to write about your trails and tribulations even if you don't submit them here, then find a new job as quickly as you can.


look up call centers for various stores and services (captel, eastbay, cellphone providers, software support). since no one sees you, they're typically more flexible on bright-but-box-dye colors (no blue/purple, tho). good luck!

Bitch Boy

Like it has been said before: Document, document, document.

Document: the people who interviewed you and the things you WERE told and WERE NOT told.

Document: the threats made in reference to your employment as soon as you began.

Document: everything from your anger management counselor/physician/etc... (red hair, day off, etc.)

Turn this all into HR.


I would suggest a call center as well, but my best advice there is to go for an actual company-owned call center, NOT an outsourced one. Most outsourced call centers will screw you over big time if you're not careful. However, some company centers have been known to do so, too. (AT&T fired an entire training class for being 2 minutes late on their first day out here in TX.)
Basically, hold your head up and hang in there. I'm sure you can find something that works with your schedule. If you were in one of the states my company services, I'd HIGHLY recommend working for them, but we haven't expanded to the midwest just yet.

Jason Thorn

1. Do your best until you can find another job.

2. Keep a record of every injustice for legal purposes.

3. When you get another job, RUN LIKE YOU STOLE SOMETHING!!!

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