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Good luck with the hearing. Those are stressful, I have been through it. They offer advice on how to handle it on various websites. I'd suggest looking it up. Just remember to be polite, wait your turn for speaking, and don't try to "fight." Mine only took about 15-20 minutes. Just remind him to be calm, speak clearly, and be polite!


I'm barely past 20 and I don't get 'free mustache rides'. Is it something offensive?

I hope your husband gets through the hearing alright!

Sabriel Jones

Yeah I'm with you L I had to Google to see what it means and basically it's a sexually act. Which now explains a lot as to why people have mustaches tattooed on their fingers. However maybe the parents didn't know either and thought it was cute.

Also I have a question about unemployment in America so does the company a person used to work for have to give permission for said person to get unemployment? Or is it like a background check that Service America needs to do?

Anyways I hope things become better for you and your husband soon.


I've been through a hearing with the TX Workforce Commission when my previous employer appealed the decision to grant my unemployment. All your hubby needs to do is just present the facts and make sure he's sticking to the main topic. While there are a lot of points that are good to make, it's best to try not to go out of your way to discredit the other side.
I got lucky with mine and the ruling was what turned out to be best for both sides. Best of luck to you both!

Poetry Otter

I had to google it too.. Gosh I feel tainted now.. And naive.. And.. Oh my gosh.. That's why people do the finger mustache thing?? And with cute puppies too? I feel so so tainted now, I thought it was just a funny joke that became a meme.. ;_;


Okay, whaddya mean here by "illegal" modification of software? As in, doing something that's actually illegal with it, or just doing something that's against the license agreement? Because if it's the former I can understand his issue, but if it's a matter of adding legal but unlicensed functionality, ehh...


"Which now explains a lot as to why people have moustaches tattooed on their fingers."

I don't think so. I think it's just supposed to be ironic.
From what I've found out online the origin was a YouTube video. I haven't found anything about it being sexual.

You guys might be thinking a little too deeply about something not deep at all. Just take the phrase literally and imagine what position you'd have to be in to take someone up on the offer of a moustache ride.
Get it now?

To make sure the horse is completely dead, though,...it's a cunnilingus reference!


@Raven, I'm not sure if it was a criminal act or just against the license agreement. I'm not all the good with computer stuff. It was something about rewriting the software to make it do something that the manufacture did not intend to make it do. And he wasn't sure if he could even do it, and it was not in the job description when he was hired--he was hired to fix computers not re-write software and he was very up font about his abilities and what he could do and what he was not capable of doing and he did say he had very little training in programming.


I don't know if the mustache tattoos on the fingers is suppose to be sexual or not. I am hopping that maybe the boy and his parents just did not know about the "mustache rides" also being a sexual reference. Maybe they were just innocent about it.


@Sabriel Jones--The company does not have to give permission, but they tell the state that the employee was terminated for certain actions and that can cause the former employee to not get benefits. The more unemployment claims a business has to pay--esp. a small business--the more in unemployment taxes the business has to pay.

Here is a link that explains some of it and why a business would want to keep as many former workers from getting unemployment benefits: http://www.bizfilings.com/toolkit/sbg/office-hr/managing-the-workplace/unemployment-benefits-system-info.aspx

As it said, it is better for smaller businesses to deny as many claims as possible, it helps lower their taxes. My husband's former boss was a small business (no more than 7 employees) and his former boss was a raging "Tea party" member.

One of the things that will help us out, if it goes to a hearing is that his former boss never wrote him up, and had my husband sign anything to that effect. So any documentation that the boss would bring to a hearing would not have my husband's signature on it. I also think hiring his nephew a couple of weeks before he fired my husband is also a point in our favor.

But what would be the best is getting a new, and better job.


I don't know how old you are, Perky, but it's not a question of age. That's just inappropriate for a kid to be wearing, and inappropriate for someone to print t-shirts with that on it in little kid sizes. I've actually seen worse, and I have to question the maturity level of the PARENTS that buy that kind of shit for their kids.

Also: a Mustache Ride is a sexual thing, but the mustache tat on the finger is not. It's just a funny thing to get a tat of, so you can hold your finger up under your nose and it looks like you have a cheesy mustache. My female boss has one on her finger, and she's not the type to get sexual tattoos.


Wow best of luck to your husband for the hearing. I think everyone has already given great advice. As long as he remains rational and presents the facts it should be good.

Mustache rides-is something that I believe originated either in the 70's or in the film "Super Troopers", but was re-popularized by the film either way referring to giving someone oral sex.

The finger tattoo of a mustache- Started about 5 years or so ago pretty much based off girls wearing fake mustaches for fun. Then extended to them drawing them on their finger to hold them up for pictures to post on social media sites.

Regardless I would totally put that shirt on an 8 year old that's funny as hell to me. To each their own I guess.


@Skittles--Would you be ok with an 8 year old girl wearing a T-shirt that implies she will do blow jobs for free? Would it be just as funny?
I'm not trying to be confrontational, but other people has laughed at the ideal of the boy implying that he would offer oral sex to strangers, but almost all of those same people are horrified at the ideal of a girl doing the same thing. I don't know why it is ok for one but not the other. To me it is wrong for a parent to allow either a boy or a girl child to imply they are willing to offer oral sex--even in jest. But like I said, maybe I am just too old.

Shannon in Michigan

Bravo!! for you and your boss/supervisor to treat the bully to a dose of karma, and to treat the lady who got rammed, extra nice. May the bully get a big dose of Karma soon!

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