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The Last Archimedean

Um, wouldn't it be easier [and generate a lot less hassle and a lot better publicity, AND draw in a ton more customers] for Walmart to pay their workers a living wage and offer proper benefits? Sounds like a win-win situation. I really don't think it would hurt their bottom line, and they can always do what CostCo does and have the executives not make 8-figure salaries if they need to save some money. Besides, they could always charge 25 cents more for some items. I don't think it would dissuade people from shopping there.


The employees for the retail chain I work for are all in the UFCW. Doesn't hurt their bottom line at all to give us fair wages and decent insurance. Sure, they cost a little more than Hellmart, but they are also a better place to shop. Happy employees = great customer service.

Duke of URL

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Major retailers need only look to CostCo to see how to improve morale, loyalty, and profits at the same time. It's really not that complicated.


Don't most states have laws specifically prohibiting companies from harassing employees who try to unionize as well as prohibiting companies from any attempt to stop employees from joining or forming a union. If so this lawsuit would come perilously close to crossing that line. Still it would probably cost less money and make the company look better to just treat their employees with some decency.

Su Chan

@The Last Archimedean: But, but... then the executives wouldn't be getting their 8-figure salaries, they might have to drop the lease of that 'work' Mercedes down to a BMW and cut by half the 'study trips' to the Bahamas to just twice a month!

What kind of heartless monster would do that to such hard-working and valuable members of the company?

Relevant video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L24SFc1Ij4U



In the South? I doubt it, and, even if they do, cant you read? The lawsuit isn't about forming unions, it's about trespassing. Why they're actually protecting their current employees, as well as their customers, from harassment by these people!


I rather dislike unions after having had to deal with them for work... when it (literally) takes three days and four people to plug in one end of a USB mouse cable (In NY, they're not allowed to do it themselves. They have to have an electrician, two apprentices and a flag waver sent out to do it. And this is not exaggeration.), unions have outlived their purpose.

That being said, this is NOT infringing their freedom of speech. They can say whatever they want, but Walmart doesn't have to pay for their venue to do it. They're free to go get their own hall and they can yowl all they want about it then. In any case, the amendment says 'Congress shall make no law', not 'Walmart can't be meanyheads'. It's their property, they can do with it as they want. If it was religious bozos forcing fliers on people, would anyone care? If it was some random nutjobs who were SURE that the aliens were all coming to take them home, would anyone care?

Yeah, walmart should take some of the massive amounts of money they make and pay their people correctly. Having to have three jobs and still be near homeless is just stupid. But this isn't the answer. Force them to change by not shopping there. By not working there (although honestly that one can be harder... but if they pay so little what are you giving up?)

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