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Yeah, that's one shitty tip...I wonder if they had to rent out a U-Haul to deliver that many friggin pizzas.
If they were spending that much, they could have at LEAST shelled out a crappy 5% tip...yeah that's still really low...but that's $72 as opposed to $10.


Ive been following up on snopes lately alot of theese bullshit tip photo's are showing up as fake. Turning out to be photoshops.

Not Perfect

Those silly Huffers, won't they ever learn to spot a photoshop? Zoom out a little, and it's clear that the tip and total sections were shopped in. Also, why is it signed "phone?"


This is helpful, actually. I've always struggled with how much to tip a pizza delivery person.

The Last Archimedean

D, in the US these people get paid less than minimum wage and it's expected they'll make the rest up in tips. I think that's a stupid system myself but until someone changes it I'll continue to tip 20%.


D what most people who don't live in a tipping culture realise is. We pay our servers directly.

In other countrys they make a set wage food costs more and a 25% service charge is tacked on. It is listed or unlisted depending on country.

In USA our servers get the service charge directly based on performance (supposedly). The idea behind it is you judge on how well your server did and tip them.

We have some people who take advantage of the system and decide 0 every time. Theese are the people who ruin the system. Theese are the ones who screw it up.

I find it annoying that we have to regulate every nuance as a culture to keep people playing fairly with each other.

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