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It's been 8 years, if something were to be done, it'd be done by now. If she tries to complain now, you can tell the higher ups what you were just told.


Meh, f**k 'em. If it's worth her time and mental energy to hang onto some imagined slight from eight bloody years ago, that's pretty sad. And if she's been trying all that time to get you canned, to no avail, I sincerely doubt that it will happen any time soon. So screw it and get on with your life. Can't please everyone.


I... Buh... What? Who the hell holds a grudge against someone they don't even know for 8 years?!

I definitely wouldn't worry about it, especially since her little campaign hasn't done much of anything. The fact that she even tried to pull that is boggling on its own.


Dude the women is still mad over something that happened 8 yrs ago?! I feel sorry for anyone the knows this women is real life, what a bitch.

Copy Center Dude

Congratulations, you have held power over a chunk of her life for 8 years forcing her to relive some perceived anguish. On the other hand for 8 years you have been able to lead a relatively normal and employed life without even a write up over this perceived slight.


Someone get this woman a dog or something. She clearly has way too much free time on her hands.


Seriously, don't even worry about it. Let it slip away behind you. It's her obsession, her problem, so don't let it bother you.


You know, chances are, it's something so mind-bendingly minor that, if you were to ever find out what it is, you would probably just sit there, totally mindblown that anyone would even care about it by the end of that day, far less hold an 8 year long grudge about it - and that's probably why you've heard nothing about this woman's campaign to get you fired until now. So, if I were you, I'd just treat it as water off a duck's back.


I'd let it go. odds are IF she actually did complain(and made a pain of herself) whatever her complaint was not worth the trouble of firing you over it.

Since she keeps coming back she obviously can't be bothered to shop elsewhere so in the future be extra diabetic level sweet to her. It will drive her battier.

@ sandman why should some poor vet and pet supply slaves have to deal with this crazy woman?

Bagel Bat

What a freak 0_o And I thought people were nuts for holding 6 month grudges over coffee but goddamn..8 years, she needs a life.

The Last Archimedean

Wow. I can't even hold a grudge for 8 hours, and this lunatic has been holding one for 8 years?! probably over something mind-bendingly trivial. Continue to ignore her, it'll only make her madder.

[I don't hold grudges -- I get even right away.]


So, I've held a grudge against someone for years... it's my stalker. In that case, I feel I get a pass. This chick does not. Eight years is too long to hold a grudge against someone for giving you iffy customer service. She has nothing.

DeptStore Diva

I used to have a crusty who hated me for no reason other than I smiled at her. For two years every time she saw me she said "I can't believe you're still working here" or "They haven't fired you yet?" Then she would call in with some BS story that I was rude, I swore at her, called her a nasty name...My manager and I would sit in the office and laugh at her latest complaints. It got to where when she made her comments I'd say "Not yet, better luck next week."

NC Tony

Eight years? Holy shit, someone needs to get a life.

I have to agree with the others, if she's holding an eight year old grudge, and has been trying (unsuccessfully) to get you fired for those eight years, then I wouldn't start worrying about it now. At this point, what is she going to do? Tell corporate that you were rude to her eight years ago? I don't think there's a level of stupidity even on the corporate level that would take that seriously.


What the hell? EIGHT YEARS? Unless you did something like firebomb her car (and I'd think you'd remember that), this chick needs to seriously get over herself and move on. Eight frigging years, my gods.

I know how you feel, something like that would have upset me too, but I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry about. If she's been unable to get the company to make even a peep in your direction all this time, there's nothing she can do now. Instead please engage in some diabolical laughter. You are, after all, apparently her arch-nemesis, and for eight years you've been defeating the psychobitch without even trying. xD


I think that makes you like the best super-villain ever.

Also it would be animal cruelty to subject a poor dog to this woman.

Jason Thorn

It has been said that bitterness is like taking poison every day and waiting for the person you hate to die.


Y'know... she might've mistook you for someone else

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