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DeptStore Diva

When I was at the drug store I used to be the person to make bales, which was completely off the 'norm' because I'm female and "only guys are strong enough to make a bale" (yeah, proved them wrong). I used to get some of the guys think they were 'helping' by tying a couple of the bale wires for me, theirs always popped, I think in the 9 years I worked there, I only popped three bale wires.

My problem with bales, I never could get that darn bale centered on a pallet


We weren't allowed to make bales where I worked, but we were supposed to load the baler, and compact it. The manager used to stand over us in case one of us leaned too far in "to clear it" and got our heads smushed, or put the wrong material in it. Ah hello?? you pay me 1c above minimum wage (so you can advertise that you pay above minimum wage!) to do, minimum, 12 hours work in 8 hours, and you think I give a rats ass about the state of your baler?? you're lucky I don't just chuck the crap in from the door!!!
He'd stand there and roar at us for doing it wrong, but god forbid he'd do it himself, or show us how to do it right!! #
good times, good times!

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