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Marten Kemp

There are times when I'm looking for something in what I think is the right place but I just can't spot it. I always ask, "I think that {thing} should be right about here but I can't spot it. Am I looking in the wrong place or have I been looking at my computer too much?"


"I get asked where the peanut butter is at least twice a day since it moved from one end of the store to the other (seven fucking months ago)."

What a crab. I think I go through a jar of peanut butter maybe once a year, if even that. CTFD and help people who ask you nicely to do your job.

Poetry Otter

Wow, calm down a tad.. Yeah maybe some customers are a bit annoying if they talk a lot, but just asking? And well all know 'I've looked everywhere' doesn't mean 'I physically looked in every nook and cranny and on every single shelf.' Look, if I'm shopping, and buying something I can't find for quite a while, I'll end up asking. I hate having to ask, but sometimes I have to if I don't want to stay in there forever.
'Excuse me, I'm looking for [product]' I think that is polite enough and does not make me dumb.

Poetry Otter

*we all know* rrgggrrr frozen fingers >.<


I like making them tell me what they are going to be using specific products for - potentially saves some confusion!

Once, a person came to ask me where something was, written down on paper "vinegar". I took them 6 aisles down to the vinegar, when they told me "Oh, no, for insect bites!" (sting-o's or something). English wasn't their primary language. Was originally standing near the same aisle that they needed.


Wow, the RHU audience has changed...


I can see being frustrated by them not giving you the chance to actually answer their question,

However, complaining about being asked where an item is located is a bit much.
I get it, you have to tell people where the peanut-butter is a lot, but you said it had been moved. How are they supposed to know that? Are the other custies you've already told supposed to tweet the breaking news to everyone they know so that you no one else will bug you about it?


I got to be the dumb crusty on this today. Went looking for a certain brand where it used to be, it wasn't there, so I grabbed something else and went up to the cashier.

There I mentioned, "You don't have 'Brand X' anymore" and he replied, "Oh, sure we do, it's just over here now..." two doors down in the fridge. Then he took back for me what I had grabbed, got for me what I came for, and we all went back to the register, myself suitably educated on their new store stocking layout.



Some people have seemingly forgotten that one of the main purposes of Rhu is to let of steam..

As he said, he had several things happen before this random shopper tweaked a peeve. Straw and the camel back, remember?

Don't worry Rif, some of us are oddly blind til someone points it out to us. It's a curse.

The Last Archimedean

I hate chatterbox customers too. I've got no problem with "Help me, I can't find the [whatever-it-is]." But if you then yammer on for 5 minutes without letting me get a word in edgewise so I can TELL you where it is, you're just wasting my time. Just say what you want found and shut the *&^&%^%$ up for 10 seconds, and I'll tell you exactly where to find it. If you still look confused, I'll walk you over to it. But if you come for me to help, you have to let me help you -- and yes, that does mean actually letting me speak, so I can give you information!


I've seen this happen at the local store. This specific store did just reorganize - and it was great! However, there are very large signs at each end of the aisle. Clearly marked. Is it really that hard to look up and read at the same time?


If you know where your products are, good for you, you have a better memory than a lot of store employees.

You should be proud of that.

But most employees don't have your memory. Many do need prompts. Half the time I, as customer, have had to help other customers in some of our local grocery stores find things because the employees don't even know where they are at. Usually ethnic food, like you've described.

Don't diss other people because you have a skill that most people don't.

I have aspergers syndrome and tend to be antisocial. I don't like talking to people, but man, you're nasty when it comes to customers just trying to make friendly conversation. Even an aspie like me who doesn't understand social cues knows that they aren't trying to insult your intelligence, they're just trying to make conversation.

It is sometimes frustrating when people go on like that, and when they go on and then ask why you aren't helping them, then you have reason to be upset, but just basic blahblah conversation? Annoying as hell because you have other work to do, but that's how neurotypicals most often interact.

Out of curiosity, are you on the autistic spectrum like me? Usually when people are as antisocial as I am or more so like you, they are on the spectrum.

The Last Archimedean

Quartz, you're making us Asperger's folk look bad with your inability to comprehend what you read. Riferous [and I] don't object to customers making conversation. A little bit of chit-chat often brightens my day, in fact. But when they ask for our help *and then don't give us a chance to answer*, there's a problem. I don't mind a customer asking for help, but if you're going to do that, *shut up* for 10 seconds so I can answer the question you asked me! If I say "It's in aisle 8" and you look confused, and I then walk you over to it, *then* as we're walking you can tell me that it's for the homemade beef jerky you plan to make for your son's 10th birthday party. But don't start telling me all that *before* I have a chance to say where it is.


*Sigh* Hey Rif.. Just calm the fuck down, that just solves everything right? Maybe count to 10? No...
I hear nothing but useless information all day. I feel for ya. I ask someone if it's their left knee or right knee and I get a paragraph response. You only needed to utter one word. ONE. People tell me they are early for their appointments. #1 I don't care. #2 I have to look at the schedule every 3 seconds: I know what time it is and I know when you're "supposed" to be here. And don't you dare complain that you've been waiting x amount of time when you admitted upon checking in that you had arrived a full half an hour before your appt time. One of the most annoying is when I'm away from my desk and they have to sign in and as soon as I come back they have to jump up and point to their name on the sign in sheet. "I've signed in." REALLY!?
Just because dealing with customers is our job doesn't mean we don't have a reason to vent or complain at all.


Actually, Last Archimedean, I did acknowledge there are differing levels in my post and that some are worth the frustration.

But people talk as they ask the question. Very few people wait until after you answer them before going on about what they're doing.

I did acknowledge that it was frustrating, since you're trying to get a job done and customers tend to forget that.

I did acknowledge that some customers are brainless and will ask why you haven't told them, when they haven't given you a chance to talk.

But what you are describing, the customer just going on and rambling is completely normal and not intentionally rude, just absentmindedly rude.

Also, most people who get frustrated at trying to find something do get defensive when they feel a need to ask for help. And defensiveness=nervous chattiness. Quite often people go on like that out of nervousness, or even out of sympathy for the person they ask for help, though it might not seem that way to the person trying to assist.

Yeah, in customer service we have to deal with the same questions over and over and over again. It's frustrating. But the customer quite often hasn't had that experience, is distracted, is frustrated and at having things moved and EMBARRASSED to have to ask for help, which results in the completely normal behavior you two are describing.

Poetry Otter

Nervous chatter.. Ah the times I've looked back and thought 'Why couldn't I shut up!?' ;) (But not in a shop!) :p


Wow he wasn't complaining that the person had asked him where stuff was, but that the person wouldn't shut the fuck up for the time it took to answer the question, and kept interrupting him. Pretty valid complaint in my book.


This happens to me on the phone a lot. Someone will call for an appointment, but then they want to tell me all about why they want that particular service, and by the way they're feeling really crappy because this or the other family member did a bad thing/did a good thing/ceased visiting etc, and also did I know the spa down the road is doing a sale? Could I also do a sale, right now? Actually they did a sale last year that the customer really liked and he/she is wondering if we could, you know, honor the price that other spa gave them last year during a sale.

Most of the time I try to be patient, but if the front desk girl is on her lunch and I've got actual, in-the-store customers breathing down my neck, it's a struggle to get them off the phone without being rude.


Rif, I have the same problem in tech support.
"How do I do (something on a computer)?"
"Ok, click --"
"I've done (stupid things that have nothing to do with the original question)."
"Ok, click --"
"You always take so long to help me, why don't you know how to do this?"
Or "Is your start button green or grey and has the word 'start' on it (Win XP) or just a circle with the windows logo? (Win 7)"
(two minute story... that doesn't answer the question.)

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