Retail Hell Underground: Street Performer Punches Pesterer, Shows Why You Shouldn't Mess With Buskers

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Sadie The Cleaning Lady

That's awesome. I just got home from there, and I saw that performer a few times through the week. Wish I'd seen this happen though. That guy in the purple shirt was a jerk!


This reminds me of when I was outside Madame Tussaud's in LA. They had the statue of Samuel L. Jackson outside, and this guy decided to pose for a picture standing next to it flipping it the bird.
The guy I was with said to me "Wouldn't it be awesome if it moved right at this moment?"
I'd never wished for anything more in my life! Didn't happen, but was still fun to think about.

And, yeah, the guy crossed the line between playing along and being a jerk.


Purple shirt guy even looked like a jerk. I know it's wrong to stereotype, but the look on his face at 0:23. Yech!


lmao! I'm not a violent person, but purple shirt dude deserved that punch. What a jerkoff!

Queer Geek

Drag queens are the same way. Understand that performers are doing their job which is entertaining so don't be a douche and interrupt their performance.
With that said, I've seen many a drag queen toss a drink in some drunken fool's face in a gay bar.


That made my day. I only wish he had hit the guy harder.


Love that he calmly gos back into character as if it was an automated action.

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