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Wait, they sided with and were loyal to you, rather than genuflecting at the customer's feet? Miracles really DO happen!
As for that Unholy Roller, I can suggest several places where he can stick his busted machine. You were polite in letting him know that you personally couldn't break policy, but let him know who might be able to help him, and when they would be in next. You also suggested a higher-quality product that would solve the circular issue of purchasing and break the crappy model. Dude had no right to call you a rude and unhelpful bitch. Please know that I am sending him a virtual middle finger, just for you. Take comfort in the fact that we got your back, Terah.


Jesus, what an asshole! He was probably venting his frustration about the broken roller and the replacement one being out of his price range, but he had no right to go behind your back like that. Good for your managers for knowing you're not stupid enough to be rude to someone and then refer them to your managers. Who would do that, honestly? I hope that bastard didn't get his return and had to sink even more money into that new roller, and that he had to purchase it elsewhere because he left out of embarrassment of getting caught in a blatant lie.


Going back later and accusing the employee of being a bitch usually works for getting managers to replace shit for free at Walmart, and this guy sounds like he frequents Walmart.

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