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They have a sister site called Not Always Right, which is the customer version. And if you'd read NAW you'd see that many of the stories come from co-workers and those from customers are clearly about bad employees.

The jerkwad population is equal on both sides of the counter.


Having perused Not Always Right and its sister sites for years now, I have to say that any appearance of bias is due to Shelterdoll's lack of exploration rather than any malice.

As for the post, it never does seem to occur to corporate that the way to improve customer service is to have enough staff available.


I love Not Always Right. I agree that crusties and mismanagement puts retail slaves at a conundrum.

My friend and I also help at the flea market. LOTS of discount rats that demand that we sell a $20 item for $1, and saying that the booth's owner won't know. My boyfriend is a retail slave at a gas station (passed over for promotions and full time, thrown under the bus even though he is the first they call when short-handed) and deals with the crusties who exclaim that he should illegally sell them cigarettes/booze despite it being a felony.

Sorry, carried away ^^;


Right so if you love NotAlwaysRight then who wrote the stupid blurb about it being biased?


Sorry but this is all bullshit. It honestly looks like someone just made up numbers to make their argument look more valid. Just look at the number for people doing business with a competitor due to bad service. Does anyone even remotely believe 89% is even close? Besides this is all meaningless, if you don't figure out how to correlate this info into what causes bad customer service anyway.

The Last Archimedean

This [http://dilbert.com/strips/2009-07-25/] comes a lot closer to the truth than that piece of garbage in the post.


*cringe* I did not mean bias in the websites, just the supposed "study".

Sorry, I'm an idiot. *goes and hugs cat*


Calm down guys. Geez, you'd think we'd never experienced people unfairly picking on us just because we'd made a small mistake.

ShelterDoll - When I saw this on NAW, I too looked askance at it. But if you look further, NAW isn't the source of the infograph. That site, too, is user submitted. Check out Fonolo, and the sources listed if you are planning on criticizing the photo. It is a poorly executed photo. I, for one, think that the wording on some of the stats could use some help. Also the theme uniting the stats is too broad, and doesn't offer a cohesive solution. It seems to be saying the answer is just "better customer service," but the solutions seem to be all over the board. Are they saying that customer service shouldn't be done over the phone? How is poor customer service a cost to the economy if the customer is just going to a different vendor rather than not making a purchase at all?


@ShelterDoll I don't think anyone is criticizing you for posting the info-graphic at least I know I'm not. I just get tired of seeing people essentially making things up and calling them statistics without any real scientific method of collecting and correlating the data in a usable, and accurate form. Essentially my criticism is of whoever originally created the info-graphic.
Sort of like "Doctor" Phil who is not to my knowledge an actual doctor of any discipline. I certainly don't have anything against people who watch him but I think he is a giant douche for misrepresenting himself. It should not be legal, nor condoned by society.


Skittles: 79.4% of statistics are made up on the spot.

"There are lies, damned lies, and statistics." -- Mark Twain.

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