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You "wouldn't mind"? Did they salt their own fries with crack? They only thing they did there was screw over the cool manager.


Never posting from my iPhone again. So many mistakes. XD


You have nothing to apologize for. You didn't even screw over the cool manager, whoever scheduled you for that week did. If you'd told them when your last day would be, they shouldn't have scheduled you for another week.

Retail Jockey

Wow what a pile of crap. And then you have another job already what were you suppose to do, go to your new job and say "oh sorry, my old job wants me to work another week." That would be so classy. What a bunch of fruits.

Queer Geek

Well you got to quit in style. :D

The Last Archimedean

I think you handled it perfectly. You told them when your last day was, it's not your fault if they're stupid enough to schedule you for an additional week.


Sounds like they regretted driving off a decent employee and tried to lure you back with extra hours. Of course they would have regressed to the usual bullshit after a few weeks, good to know you're smart enough not to fall for that. It's amazing what a LIVING WAGE does for an employee's morale, eh?

Sadie The Cleaning Lady

They did the same thing to me after I quit. Although I was stalked on Facebook and received a call the day before I was fostered on from a manager saying "[coworker] saw on Facebook that you're out of town, are you coming in for your shift tomorrow?"
Needless to say they were told how much I didn't appreciate being fostered after I'd quit, how much I don't appreciate being called while I'm away, and that I'm a grown adult and if I was supposed to be working I would have either given them notice of my holiday or arranged to be home in time for work.
That place seems to breed idiot management.


Yeah you were way more civil than I would have been in your place. I would have written much smaller, and with a lot of profanity.

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