Retail Hell Underground: Viral Fry Pic From McDonalds South Korea: "Potato Party" Causes Hell For Custys and Workers

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Queer Geek

May they have problems with obesity, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol


Well, at least they're required to eat everything and not be wasteful.

NC Tony

I love me some Mickey D's fries, but even with a bunch of people helping me I don't think I could eat my share of all those fries.


It would be so ironic if one of these countries started having an obesity epidemic, because of this.

Not Perfect

At least they're not gallon smashing.


@Not Perfect seriously. I don't get the outrage here. Maybe if they dumped the food on the tables or something, but they're clearly using trays - even if they waste the food, they paid for it and aren't leaving a mess.


If this is considered troublesome behavior in Asia, let's hope these workers never have to deal with a bus full of old, cranky entitled American tourists.

The Last Archimedean

I like fries and all but this is just ridiculous.


At least this proves it isn't only Americans that do stupid, pointless shit.


It seems to me that they're doing this because they're poor students who can't afford a lot of good food. So like the kid who eats Ramen noodles for every meal, for them it's fries. I actually feel sorry for them.


The french fry party may have been funny for those involved, but it appears to have peeved off the eatery's other customers, whose food was delayed.
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