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Kind of surprised with all of the ridiculous regulations because the terrorists are hiding in every overhead compartment, under every seat and in every barf bag, that no one got in trouble for this.


Yes, especially since that guy in the UK got in serious trouble for what anyone with half a brain would have known was a joke on Twitter (and indeed, no-one at Robin Hood airport took it seriously in the first place), and it took years to clear his name!

NC Tony

Badgers? Badgers? We don't need no steenking badgers!


"Once we have secured the badger" - *SNORT*.

The Last Archimedean

OK, if I was waiting for the flight that would put a smile on my face no matter how bad a mood I might be in.


Any other airline and I wouldn't have believed this was a real sign. But Virgin Atlantic do have a pretty good sense of humour... Ahhh, I still remember that safety announcement where the captain told everyone (regarding the oxygen masks) 'Parents, now is the time to decide on your favourite kid'. Glorious.

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