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Hamburger, no tomato, no lettuce, shit-ton of mayonnaise, and extra avocado.

Ah, the days of working fast food. Thank God they're behind me.

NC Tony

You forgot to swap out the hamburger for chicken.

Because ordering what's on the menu is too hard.


but later down the list it says that she wants hamburger instead of chicken, tony.

if it were me taking that order (or her friend with a brain, since she doesnt have one), i'da done slapped the bitch.

The Happy Wino

I feel like a scumbag for laughing so hard at this, but I'm laughing SO hard... before I was a Happy Wino, I was a Bad@ss Barista and occasionally when someone was going on and on and on about the particulars in their frou-frou frappadappadopacino, we would nod solemnly and solicitiously say "Mmmm hmm, got it" while pecking in absolute nonsense on the order screen.

Because, let's be honest, we might be just be low-paid tip-monkeys jingling our tin cups, but you come in here every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday and order the same thing, the same way. WE GOT IT.

But the last line just kills me.... CHUUUUURRRR. xD


I like the line where it just says Squaaaaaak. WTF does that mean?


The chicken, Skittles! The chicken squaaaaaaks!


Skittles: I'm more confused by the chuuuuuuur at the end. At least the squaaaaaaak makes sense, it's the sound a chicken makes! lol

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