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You made a She-Ra reference!!! That makes the 80s nerd girl in me go ZING!


My saturdaynight post-bar computer cruising brain finds this hard to read.

NC Tony

The first question that pops into my mind... okay, the second question actually (the first being is when did a human and a bird have sex to produce her), is why would someone purposely damage their phone to try and put one over on a company? If you get caught in your lie (like she very obviously was) then you're out a phone. If you get a spineless higher up in the company who agrees it was (somehow) the companies fault, you'll get some undeserved compensation, but you're STILL out a phone because the company can't be expected to replace the phone. So either way you're out a smarter-than-you phone and all you got for it was something that won't replace it.


I have to guess, NC Tony, that she did it for the smug thrill of pulling one over on the company. It's like spoiled little rich girls who steal. They only do it because they think they can get away with it. Otherwise, I'm as baffled as you are. She wouldn't get anything else out of this except a replacement phone, and she damaged the damn thing herself. This woman reminds me of mothers with Munchausen-by-proxy, who purposefully harm their kids to get attention. I swear the world is losing it's mind at a more rapid pace each year.

Benjamin Kissell

@BookBitch - HEH, I'm glad that somebody got it. [My boyfriend and I have outed ourselves as massive MOTU and She-Ra nerds as of late.] I'll admit to even owning a few of the new MOTU figures. [And by a few, I mean 12 ... She-Ra, Bubble-Power She-Ra, Catra and Shadow Weaver - WOOT!]

@Moniker - hopefully post-Saturday bar-hopping, Sunday-mid-afternoon brain finds it much a better flow :-)

@NC Tony - Apparently she had already broken it, judging from the cracked screen, I think she was trying to get us to cover her expenses as the phone company has a tendency not to cover that for certain models. *sigh* Also? I really do think she's not-all-there in the head [if you know what I mean] possibly driven there by these mini-harpy children. *shudder*

@CoG - That actually does sound like a legitimate possibility with this Custy. And yes, dear sweet lawdd yes, the world is losing its mind more swiftly daily. Oi.


I've got the good DVD sets for all 93 episodes of She-Ra - I even went to a Halloween party as Catra a couple of years ago (I'm a brunette, my choices are limited). Man, I'm totally imagining that horrible Hunga the Harpy voice for those comments now... ugh...


What a crazy bitch. My guess is she had already broken her phone somehow and saw this as a surefire method to get it replaced for free by someone else. My guess is drop damage based on the screen being cracked.

Benjamin Kissell

@BookBitch I remember buying the individual [3] volumes of the deluxe She-Ra dvds back in 2007-9 from Borders. *le sigh* For my impending 30th birthday this summer we are having a "Cartoons and Family Movies Memories" theme to the party, where each person HAS to come in-costume. As agreed to my friends, I shall be She-Ra, complete in wig with sword etc. The bf is going as Skeletor. Heh.

@Skittles That was our guess as well [boss' and mine] - after being turned down two times AND it being proved that the water damage to the room was ONLY FROM HER KIDS OVERFLOWING THE TOILET, she dropped it and is thankfully gone.


I heart you for making the reference! Count me in as another original MotU/PoP fan.

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