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The Singing Library Clerk

You know how people always say "Document" when it comes to work stuff?

I say the same here. Film this. Show how unsafe the parents are and how they don't even care if their kids get killed. Send a DVD to the school and to the police. And if nothing is done, post the videos on YouTube like they did with that chick who constantly drove on the sidewalk to avoid the school bus every day.


I have a similar problem with idiot parents in cars I live diagonally opposite a middle school (6-11yrs) and the catchment areas for schools are about a mile, yet it seems that every single parent drives 1 child to school in a car the size of jupiter apparently with out having passed their test!

I was driving home one afternoon and was trying to set to my house - 1 woman was double parked in the middle of the road chatting to her friend out of the window. I bibbed the horn, she glared at me, and started yelling at me to turn down the side road. when she finally shut up I just said "I live here" pointing to the driveway she was blocking. She shut up and moved off pretty sharpish after that!


Well, considering a child dies every 5 hours in the USA due to neglect and abuse, this isn't surprising. Then the kid dies and the parent is all HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?


YouTube justice often does more good than anything else...cause the school would rather correct the bad press than deal with something they think is just another complaint.


I don't know about the traffic laws where you live, but a friend of mine who lives locally was having trouble getting out of her drive way because of school traffic. Parents dropping off their child and the line for the drop off was always blocking her drive way and most days the parents would not let her out of her drive way in the morning. So video taped it for several weeks and the took the video tape to her local police department. The next day they had a traffic cop out there giving tickets to who ever blocked her driveway.

Of course then two days later her house was egged and TPed. Real classy. But at least after a couple of days of the traffic cop coming out she been able to get to work on time in the mornings.


I side with everyone here and also too bad weapons are banned in classes, helmet and body armor aren't the same without some kick ass sword or axe to round out the look (sorry had to say it)

Bitch Boy

Like everyone else has already stated:

Step 1: Setup a "security" camera the films your driveway and the street in front of it.

Step 2: Save footage for "historical purposes".

Step 3: Create "highlights" of 3-4 weeks of footage.

Step 4: Send "highlights" to local PD & school.

Step 5 (Optional): If nothing is taken care of, send ALL the footage to your local TV news station; they LOVE that sh*t!


start taking pictures of the cars (and their plates) that park in/on/in front of your driveway. call the non-emergency police line to report them. if enough calls come in, they'll start parking a cop car out front to help curb the issue.

they did this in my neighborhood when too many entitled assholes were running stop signs IN SCHOOL ZONES. people called in, cop camped out, people got tickets...and eventually the issue subsided a bit. every once in a while, they have to do it again...but at least SOMETHING got done!


If you are allowed, put a sign out saying "No Public Parking." Then when the assholes park in the driveway, you can get them ticketed or towed.


"I have a heart attack every morning, waiting for the day one of these peoples' brakes decides to fail and mows down 20-30 kids in the process."

You lost me here. Brakes can and do fail whenever they want. These kids are in precisely no more danger than EVERYONE ELSE driving, walking on sidewalks, or just being within sight of vehicles in operation.

I know it's hard, but you need to chillax. Bad things, in general, don't happen much. Stop expecting them to.

Mrs. Lovett

@Jane Really? Calling a mother out for freaking out over a driver driving into an area where little kids are standing around?

First off, telling her to chillax is condescending. She was speaking in hyperbole, and the safety of one's own child, not to mention all the other children, is something everyone gets worked up over. It's normal.

Second, yes brakes fail and other catastrophes could happen anywhere and everywhere but usually don't. However, brakes failing is only one of many possible problems with this situation. A parent might not be paying enough attention and drive too far, thus hitting a kid. Or they could forget to put their car in reverse before they back out of the space. Or a child running to the line could forget to look and run into the space right in front of the line. These situations are all unlikely, but this situation increases the odds.


@KareBear: Before it even starts, ignore Jane. She obviously has never had kids. Or it's just James doing a gender swap. Either way, fuck 'em.

Now, let me jump on the bandwagon and agree with everyone else. I personally vote for video vigilante Youtube justice. Shame the fuck right out of the parents. Post the links here!


Well, I talked to the principal yesterday. He agreed that something has to be done, so this morning I saw he had set up a bunch of traffic cones, blocking the lot where the kids line up. Some of the parents had to slam on their brakes in order to not run them over.

Now if only we could get the people away from my driveway!


My worry is not breaks failing when parents pull up too close, it is them accidentally hitting the accelerator instead of the break, which happens far more frequently than break failure.

As for the driveway issues, I second photoslave's suggestion of putting up a sign that says no public parking, or some traffic cones of your own.

Also, Mage: Why should kids need body armor? Getting ran over in body armor is still gonna hurt the same as getting ran over without it- it will do nothing. And weapons? No. Just no.

NC Tony

I think you should still have the video camera at the ready. Like others said, tape the parents that stop in the middle of the street (and your driveway) and let the cops (and maybe the local news) know that these idiots are putting their kids in danger.


Totally agreeing with the VIDEO posters!

Remember this story? http://www.npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/2012/11/06/164430268/after-driving-on-sidewalk-to-pass-school-bus-woman-must-wear-idiot-sign


@trippetta: I was making a joke about how kare said she was gonna send her kid to school in body armor and a helmet, I know it won't help against a bus or car hitting them, I was being geeky and silly

The Kid

I have been in not one but two seperate accidents when dropping my kid brother off at his elementary school. Parents just aren't looking.
Of course, as soon as they hit my car, they're out screaming at me about how they're late for work and they can't deal with this right now.
Then watch where the fuck you're going!

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